Irish citizens fed up with open borders

Well can’t say I saw this coming but hey at least some are starting to wake up. Its estimated that Irish citizens will become the minority by 2050 if they don’t stop Governments current importation of migrants (the PC term) invaders into their country!

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It’s probably my dyslexia playing up, but what I can’t get my head around is this: With the Shenghen Agreement rendering all the EU member states’ borders open, how come the Irish one isn’t?

You would know the answer to that question better than me. I always hear about the border issue of Ireland whenever BREXIT is being discussed as a mere row of inconvenience. Why is that?

Hundreds of racist Irish people don’t represent all of Ireland.

Hundreds of pissed off lesbians don’t represent all of the United States, or Ireland, or anywhere else. A big dose of Vitamin D would do you some good.

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Here’s the thing @here2bqueer

In a democratic country hardworking taxpayers have a right for any concerns they have to be heard. In this case the Irish want to know if the migrants:

  • Have criminal records
  • Speak English
  • Will they respect the local community?

That doesn’t make them racist.