Iranian teens convicted of stealing reportedly will have fingers chopped off

The religion of peace at it again!

Since the article says this is a rare punishment, I have to wonder what they stole.

Maybe we need an Iranian in charge of Portland.

Kind of like, Nanny 911 or whatever that program is.

Sounds like the right approach. What’s the issue?

LMAO! that was real funny!

Let the animals be animals as long as they keep it amongst themselves

I think they are on to something good. Chop of the fingers of every Antifa and BLM punk that burned, looted and destroyed property. I am okay with that.

And by the way, they also have it right when it comes to homos. No tolerance.

They may worship a false god but they know how to deal with punks and bitches.

Actually, if Iran had equal rights for women and allowed freedom of religion it might not be such a bad place.

Holy Smokes! I fell out of bed laughing!

At me? LOL.

Am I wrong?