Iranian tanker attacked by --- who else? --- Israel

OK, the mad regime in Israel is hell bent on a new war with Iran (where they let the goy boys fight, bleed and die)

Who got new submarines from Germany?
This is what Gunther Grass had to say.

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Where is the evidence of Israel attacking the tanker??? If Israel would have done it, the tanker would have been sunk.
Nothing but Israeli hating propaganda.

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This is normal standard operation procedure for the in house conspiracy handler here! When ask to provide proof, the old pivot of obtuseness is applied!

There is plenty of proof that 911 was a ■■■■■■ job but ■■■■■■■■■■ deny everything. So what’s the use?

Every bullshit 9-11 conspiracy you’ve put forth has been debunked every way they can be debunked.

This is bullshit as well.

The only armaments on the Israeli boats are torpedoes. If they had torpedoed the taker it would have blown, burnt, and sunk like a rock.

Israel has dolphin class submarines made in Germany.
They are capable of nuclear missiles about which Gunther Grass was talking about.

He became a persona non grata for Israel, which is a joke, for warming the world about the Israeli danger.

The only nuclear capability they may have is nuclear cruise missiles.

Their anti ship capability is limited to a modified Harpoon Missile launched from torpedo tubes and torpedoes.

If they had hit that tanker with either it would be on the bottom of the Red Sea.

I can’t think of one military incident in modern history where Israel was the instigator and not the retaliator? Can you?

Digi, tell us why you are this DELUSIONAL and one step short of a straitjacket and a padded room.

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This was more likely SA…

South Africa?
Or Saudi Arabia?
I don’t think so. Criminals are unlikely to commit crimes right outside its premises.

Israel also tried to nuke Hawaii in January 2018 and was intercepted. Israel has one dolphin class submarine less. Good job, US of A.

Recycling the same completely discredited bullshit again. At least you’re consistent.

SA is the abbreviation for Saudi Arabia, RSA is the abbreviation for The Republic of South Africa.