Iranian-Canadians at Toronto Quds Day Rally: Canada Is a Racist Colonialist Project Like Israel

Notice how none of them are packing their shit to escape this white supremacist project as fast as possible and head back to their shithole country, Iran.

The Annual Walk for Al-Quds was held in Toronto, Canada on May 31, 2019. Nasim Agari, who was born in Tehran, told an interviewer that she does not consider herself to be Canadian because Canada is a “white-supremacist, colonialist, racist project” much like Israel. Agari describes herself as a poet and an artist, and she is currently studying human rights and equity studies at York University. Hussein Mujtahdi, a student at the Islamic Seminary in Qom, Iran, said that more countries will join in solidarity with the Palestinians and that Israel will “certainly” be destroyed within 25 years because “injustice and all oppressors are doomed.” The interviews were uploaded to YouTube. The rally was also attended by Canadian Imam Zafar Bangash, who delivered brief remarks and who regularly attends similar events.


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Notice how not a single cucked Canadian does anything about this.

Wait a minute…when did Israel become a white supremacist country? Whites aren’t allowed to care about their own race, marry, and procreate! That’s only for Jews!

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