Iran Allows Females to Watch Football Game

Females with some restrictions can now attend football games in Iran. This is Blasphemy! Off with their heads!

Let’s give credit where credits due. Iranian women also were allowed to drive long before Saudi women. In fact, women’s rights in Iran have generally been ahead of those in SA, yet that exporter of terrorism remains a US ally while Iran is constantly demonized.

Why do you think that is @montecresto1?

Which part are you referring to?

Why Iran is demonized while Saudi Arabia is considered an ally?

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The House of Saud is a despicable, irresponsible and evil regime. They are destined to lose their conflict with Iran no matter how much the US and Israel props them up.

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Because Saudi Arabia aids the US in its hegemony in the region. Whereas Iran hasn’t trusted the US since 1953 when we toppled their government…

Hopefully you are a prophet…

I absolutely hate Iran as much as I loathe and despise any Eeslaaaamic country, especially Saudi Arabia. I would love to see Iran turned into a parking lot along with all of the Middle East. The fact that you are giving them credit for letting their women do something is pathetic. All of these Eeslaaamic countries oppress women to varying degrees, just because they slightly let up in one area or another isn’t a reason to praise them. It’s a reason to nuke them.

I give the United States credit for finally allowing women to vote and own property…:man_shrugging:

Everything starts somewhere.

And that’s why guys like you (generally) aren’t allowed to touch the football.

Nope - we are the ones that elect people to do that for us. As long as we control the electoral college your side will always lose.

Well my side is America…

But we’ve had presidents from both sides and will continue to.

Who TF wants to watch football anyway? :smile:

From little acorns great oaks do grow?

You can watch the Iranian girls! That is if you don’t swing both ways!:rofl:

Not sure what the relationship is…:man_shrugging:

More often than not, Muslim women are treated like barnyard animals. Can we please admit the reality of it. I love & respect women; always have. First time I got laid, I thought I hit the lottery. I knew I was in for the long haul. I was 15, and today it would be ( PC ) considered sexual abuse. Anyway I could not get enough of that abuse. Heh. Nothing says “wahoo” more than a 15 year old boy & a 23 year old woman. I’m much much older now; but occasionally, I run into her. We just smile at each other. I know, I went off on a tangent. So what?