Investing Advice

I have 5 grand in extra money at the moment. I’m covered for expenses for the rest of the year.

Should I invest it in something? Is it enough to invest in something? Don’t say Bitcoin. That shit is guaranteed to drop back to its average soon.

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It is hard to decide where opportunities are. Traditionally people would buy dividend paying stocks. Year by year you add to your portfolio. Eventually the income is enough to live on (maybe).

Invest in yourself. Go on vacation and make memories. You can’t lose those until you’ve lost your memory.

If you don’t have an emergency fund. That’s a start. If you’re in debt, get out.

Buy Gold and Silver!

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I am a precious metals man myself - silver and gold. The U.S. is a country in decline. The petro dollar is on the way out and that’s one of the only things keeping things afloat right now. 10K in PMs buried in the ground somewhere is a good feeling.

Another thing I like is rural land. It’s a buyer’s market for rural land right now. Pay cash. Check the property taxes before you buy - if you buy on a cheap land site MAKE SURE back taxes aren’t owed before you pull the trigger.

Go to yard sales super early in the morning, buy items super cheap, sell them on eBay.


The traditional investment advice for Americans is based on the experience of an overwhelming white country. I suspect this model will break down as we roll over demographically into an impoverished diversitarian shithole.

You’ve probably seen articles about how many “Americans” these days live paycheck to paycheck, and how they can’t come up with a few hundred dollars for an emergency without selling something or going further into debt. The browning of America is a big reason for this. White people are just better than diversitarians at handling, saving and investing money.

@Dr_Manhattan @WPWW precious metals is a con. If shit hits the fan, who the fuck is going to care about gold and silver? Nobody.

Yeah? Then why is it that precious metals have always had value through out Human history? Chew on that for a while Einstein! I guess you know better than the Chinese!

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Precious metals are generally solid investments if instability is expected in the short term but Gold is already pricy right now…it’s really dependant on how long you are willing to hold the investment.

I like the idea of buying tax liens, but it really all depends on the location and the properties themselves to know what kind of value they will have in the future. Due diligence is needed but can be fun if you know what you are doing.

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The best investment you can make is in your health. Take a holiday, buy a piece of gym equipment (treadmill, multigym, whatever you’re into) or get a nice mountain bike.


Use it to generate rental income:

  • Do market research in high end cameras
  • Buy some really high end camera equipment
  • Rent your high end equipment out here

I make about 2k a month, all passive, from renting out all sorts of specialized equipment.

I like to know more about this. Do you have a link source to this or are you speaking just personal equipment?

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I dropped the link to ShareGrid above. Browse through the site to get a list of popular equipment. Look up how much the equipment costs to purchase used and then look at how much the average charge is to rent it out. They have a massive presence out here on the West Coast, but there are plenty of companies that have a bigger national reach.

Long story short, I took my corporate bonus back in 2015 and bought a bunch of really high-end A/V equipment thinking I was going to quit my job and be a YouTube sensation. That didn’t work out at all. I was thinking about selling all the equipment I bought but didn’t want to take a loss. So I just started renting it out and realized it was a pretty good business model. Since then I bought another 4k worth of equipment all for rental. My initial investment has been paid off for years and it just generates revenue. It’s not quit your job type of money, but it helps.

I also rent out high-end tape drives for database backups. That’s a little more complicated, but same concept.

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Damn dude this is a really good idea.

SHTF is not the scenario I’m preparing for with PMs. For that you need supplies – canned food, water, ammo, etc.

PMs are what you want if you see the U.S. dollar declining because it is no longer the world’s reserve currency.

Healthy food, a good gym membership, paying to learn a useful skill or even something like how to play an instrument can be good uses of extra money.