Investigations the New GOP Controlled House Will undertake. 🧵

Going to be interesting to see what the gop goes after. So many rinos still in prominent seats.

  1. Joe Biden’s role in selling out America.
  2. Immigration
  3. Make English our national language.
  4. Real domestic terrorist, democrats using the DOJ to attack political opponents.

House Republicans are never going to go after Democrats, and it’s all for show. They’re grandstanding doing it at the expense of the American people who deserve accountability and justice. They will do nothing but waste time and money on investigations that will go nowhere, and they will refuse to work with actual conservatives and conservative interest groups to get things done.


We should investigate why kari Lake has to sue for public records.

Wow White House press secretary Said the border is closed lol.

Just hurry up and put Kevin McCarthy in… let’s hope he does the job.


Shame how extreme liberals’ have taken over.