Invader 'British' family of 12 who fled home to join ISIS in Syria are all DEAD - Let's Celebrate!

Revealed: Entire British family of 12 - including three children aged 11, five and one - who fled their home in Luton to join ISIS in Syria are all now DEAD

  • The Mannan family came to the world’s attention when they left the UK and joined ISIS
  • They are believed to have crossed into Syria soon after arriving in neighbouring Turkey in May 2015 on the way home from visiting relatives in Bangladesh
  • Two months after arriving in Syria, the Mannans released a statement declaring their support for Islamic State
  • But those left behind in Luton have told MailOnline that all those relatives who made the trip have died
  • Seven of them were killed in an airstrike while three brothers were all slain fighting for ISIS

They were “British,” like I’m a fucking Eskimo.

I shouldn’t have laughed and cheered when I read this story, but I did.


I’m sure a statue will be erected in Luton for the brave family of 12.


If we are going to be forced to embrace ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ then we need to look at how we integrate people into British society - how can so many people from one family have such different values than those of mainstream British people yet somehow obtain citizenship?


I love a story with a happy ending. They got what they wanted and now they are all in their satanic paradise plowing virgins. Good times.

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Let’s all say it together: AND NOTHING OF VALUE WAS LOST!

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The entire point of multiculturalism is to destroy your culture.

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I’m OK with this. They were all enemies. Even the little kids would have been taught to strap on suicide vests to kill us.


Look at the picture of that lovely “British” family. Sadly they are probably representative of the typical Londonistan family these days.


Luton. Isn’t that the same town where Tommy Robinson is from?

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Good. More of this please. Get the ENTIRE Muzzy contingent in Britain to go back to Syria and Libya to join various Islamist groups and get killed. 72 virgins are waiting!

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A British family of 12…

No, they were from Bangladesh.

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A hearty congratulations to Syria and Russia for the clean sweep!