Intoxicated hussy who survived something that isn’t deadly to write book about it

The woman who was sexually assaulted by former Stanford student Brock Turner, known only as Emily Doe, is writing a memoir about her experience.

Viking Books announced in a Wednesday press release that the company will publish Doe’s memoir in September 2019. Doe’s memoir “will reclaim the story of [Doe’s] sexual assault, expose the arduous nature of the legal system, and emerge as a bold, unifying voice,” according to Vogue.

Viking editor-in-chief Andrea Schulz said in the Wednesday press release that the memoir will shine a light on rape culture and a system that is built to protect sexual predators.

“Emily Doe’s experience illuminates a culture built to protect perpetrators and a criminal justice system designed to fail the most vulnerable,” Schulz said. “The book will introduce readers to the writer whose words have already changed their world and move them with its accounting of her courage and resilience.”

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The book could be the most man hating liberal screed ever and that STILL wouldn’t excuse how frigging bleeped up the title to this thread is.


Lol. What an inspiring whore, survived a drunk sex night and ruined a man’s entire life. I might get a tattoo of a drunk whore getting fingered behind a dumpster to commemorate this shining moment in female equity.

If you have apparently literally zero culpability in your actions after you’ve had a drink, you shouldnt be allowed to be in public drinking.

I thought she was passed out. How long is the memoir “So I was Passed Out Behind a Dumpster” going to be?

As long as 50 shades of Grey