Intelligence Services, Armed Forces and Society and World War III - an article by a former Intelligence Officer

The current world scene seems all the same. There is one opinion article I read that seemed to be right on spot about the responsibilities of the State, Intelligence Services, Armed and Security Forces and society in general.

It’s an article written by a former Intelligence Officer and it even compares the type of investment made before this pandemic.

And one of the things that I was amazed is that he is the only one I see naming this pandemic World War III.

This is World War III and the enemy is microscopic and invisible. An enemy that knows no truce and will fight until it is wiped out. An enemy that, unlike hunger or other world diseases (which we protect ourselves with vaccines or simple conscious detachment), does not stop when it finds privileges and will do everything to annihilate us. The trenches are the streets and have been dug outside our homes.


Thus, the result of the failure of an early warning, which is the exclusive responsibility of the Intelligence Services, is being paid for with lives and could potentially be catastrophic, not only in terms of personal and professional consequences for all Portuguese, but also impact equivalent to a nuclear bomb in our society, in the financial sector and in the economy of Portugal. It seems likely that, many years from now, you will still feel the effect of your radiation and the side effects.

Sorry that I didn’t translate it because it is in Portuguese and I’m not very good in translation to English.

He has a LinkedIn profile and his company is IntellCorp with the website and LinkedIn profile also in case you want to check it out.

But I’ll leave you the link to the text on his site and his LinkedIn company profile:

What’s your take on this? Do you agree with what he said?

Above material is very vague. But this virus has been an excuse for multiple things. It could be WWIII in disguise, or a blessing in disguise.

I think WWIII started long time ago, as this document proves.

There is a view in Germany that WWI never ended and WWII was just a continuation of WWI. There is some truth to that, I think.

WWI started immediately after the Federal Reserve was formed in the US, a privately owned corporation pretending to be the government. No coincidence there.

Actually, World War started already in the 19th century. A handful of criminals vs humanity.

Fyodor Dostoevsky warned Russia about these criminals but his warning went unheeded, as a result of which millions of Russians (and Ukrainians) lost their lives in the 20th centuries.

I see your point.

I was just wondering that its the first person that I know of that probably had access to many high profile subjects and that makes a public statement about this being WWIII.

The definition until now in terms of international politics always goes around the possibility of a WWIII but in regards to fighting terrorism or economic war that leads to political wars.

Its the first professional that I see that seems to indicate that the world would need a really broad international coalition to fight this enemy.

Curiously, he wrote that about a week ago and a couple of days ago (or yesterday?) NATO had a session on COVID19…

I think this guy knows more and wants to hint to further dangers…?

There won’t be a WWIII because in order for that to happen the US would need to ramp up production. The US can’t ramp up production, or build the machinery to produce, without reliance on China. We will have societal breakdown and economic collapse, but we won’t have war.

I agree. But I think the author means to say that all the world is at war against an enemy the is common, the COVID19. That is the first time I see someone see the virus not only as a global threat but also an enemy that represents the worst threat against Mankind.

That’s an interesting perspective with a virus that has a reasonably high survival rate.

And as a virus it will mutate over time. Will it mutate into a virus that is benign? Only time will tell.

Scientists in Iceland found 40 mutations of the coronavirus among people with the deadly bug in the country — and that seven infections came from people who attended the same soccer match in the UK, according to a report.

The researchers discovered the mutations — or small changes in the genome of the virus — by analyzing swabs of COVID-19 patients in the country, where nearly 648 cases had been reported as of Tuesday afternoon, according to the Iceland outlet Information.

Health authorities, along with biopharmaceutical firm deCODE Genetics, tested 9,768 people, including those who had already been diagnosed, people with symptoms and high-risk populations.

Some 5,000 people who did not show any symptoms agreed to participate — and 48 came back with positive results for the virus.

The results ultimately helped deCODE Genetics determine how the rampant virus entered Iceland in the first place.

“Some came from Austria,” Kári Stefánsson, director of the company.