Intelligence agency leaders warn of impending threat to America's infrastructure

On January 31, 2024, America’s Intelligence Agency Leaders warned of Chinese cyber actors’ plans to attack U.S. critical infrastructure, including disruption of the maritime industry.

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Jen Easterly explained that China is preparing for opportunities to incite “societal panic and chaos.”

Moreover, Director Wray shared how the FBI recently identified hundreds of routers that had been taken over by the Chinese-sponsored hacking group “Volt Typhoon.” He and National Cyber Director Harry Coker said China’s cyber offensive is driven by the ultimate goal to supplant the U.S. as the world’s leading superpower.

On Jan. 31, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before Congress, explaining how Chinese government hackers were trying “to find and prepare to destroy or degrade the civilian critical infrastructure that keeps us safe and prosperous.”

These hackers, Wray continued, “are positioning on American infrastructure in preparation to wreak havoc and cause real-world harm to American citizens and communities, if or when China decides the time has come to strike.”

Wray’s testimony offered a glimpse into the frightening possibilities attacks on U.S. critical infrastructure might unleash. But the truth is actually scarier: The American homeland has been under attack for the past two decades, with little in the way of meaningful response.

Policymakers must, then, begin to strengthen private sector and local preparedness for these ongoing attacks, as well as developing and resourcing the federal interagency for complex emergencies, with an emphasis on societal resilience.

As early as 2009, Chinese and Russian hackers infiltrated America’s electrical grid, installing malware that could be used for future attacks. One year later, Russia hacked the NASDAQ stock exchange and not only attempted to steal data but left behind what experts described as a “digital bomb” that could, when detonated, damage financial networks.

In 2013, disaster was narrowly averted after Iranian hackers infiltrated the control systems of the Bowman Avenue Dam in New York and nearly flooded a small town.
We may do well to remember the lessons of the last major attack on the U.S. homeland. On Sept. 11, 2001, there was little room for vitriol and prejudice. Instead, if we act with the understanding that the homeland is already under attack, everyday Americans may realize that they are their neighbors’ best hope for safety and security.

The writing has been on the wall and the breach in the dam sort of speak was created from within. The testimony of America’s Agency leaders says so! Their watch not mine!

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Both our complacency and our over indulgence in fear porn makes it possible! It’s late in the game now.

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Biden has giving them an open invitation with his wide open border .
In 1954, the CIA engineered the takedown of Guatemala’s government. In 1955, it toppled Cambodia’s government. In 1958, ’59, and ’60 it overthrew a series of governments in Laos. From 1960 to 1963, the target was Ecuador. In 1960, it was Congo. In 1962-64, it was Brazil, then the Dominican Republic, then Bolivia, and then Indonesia.

The data the CIA is collecting in bulk and using to spy on Americans. We don’t know, because the Biden administration is refusing to declassify a single word about the nature of the program. Similarly, while the CIA’s official statement says that the congressional intelligence committees have been kept fully informed about the program, Wyden and Heinrich — both members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence — say otherwise. (Given the track record of the parties, my money’s on Wyden and Heinrich.)

The former Obama officials who now lead the intelligence agencies seem to have forgotten the lesson of the NSA illegal spying fiasco: Public trust is necessary for intelligence agencies to operate effectively. That trust took an enormous hit after the Snowden disclosures

Gov. Abbott Warns of Possible 9/11-Like Terrorist Attack Amid Joe Biden’s Open Border

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) is warning Americans that another 9/11-like attack is a strong possibility as President Joe Biden’s open border continues to pose a security risk to the United States.

The administration is doing nothing to stop terrorists from coming across the border. They are knowingly allowing them in. And there are two categories here. There are the terrorists who were actually apprehended. The terrorists apprehended are an all-time record. Many multiples of those who came across the border under the Trump administration.

Second… the terrorist will pay extra not to be caught. What that means is the number that we’ve caught — which is extraordinary — there’s far more than that have gotten across the border. Also last month, the FBI director talked about a potential 9/11-type terrorist attack because of the terrorists who are coming across our border. The chief job of the President of the United States is national security. President Biden is failing at national security. We are extraordinarily concerned about a terrorist attack occurring in Texas or elsewhere in the United States because the terrorists who are crossing our border at will go unstopped by the bottom.
There have been at least 98 illegal immigrants apprehended who were on the terror watchlist in fiscal 2022. That number jumped to 172 in 2023. During just the first four months of fiscal 2024, Border Patrol agents encountered 59 terrorist-linked individuals.

I can’t argue with that metaphor. We as Americans overdosed on consumerism and fell asleep on the nights watch!

Maybe they already know and are building up a narrative with a predictive programming in place in order to make it look like a terrorist attack from America’s adversaries abroad?

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There isn’t a avenue the dummycrats won’t take in order to retain POWER even killing thousands of Americans . Just look at all the ways they are coming at Trump . In the handling of classified documents Hur’s report, which declined to bring charges against Biden, characterized him as an “elderly man” with a “poor memory” who couldn’t remember when his son died or when he was vice president.
Former President Donald Trump’s trial into his handling of classified documents is set for May 20, 2024. It’s one of several criminal and civil cases Trump faces as he runs for president…
President Donald Trump faces four criminal indictments in four different cities as he vies to reclaim the White House.

The cases, totaling 91 felony counts, are winding through the courts at different speeds. Some might not reach trial this year, while one is set to begin in a matter of weeks.

A look at each case:





Trump is charged alongside 18 other people — including former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows — with violating the state’s anti-racketeering law by scheming to illegally overturn his 2020 election loss.


Beyond the criminal cases, Trump has also been the subject of a civil proceeding in New York City. The state’s attorney general, Letitia James, argued that Trump and his companies engaged in a yearslong scheme to dupe banks and others with financial statements that inflated his wealth.

A judge has ordered Trump and his companies to pay $355 million as a penalty in the case. Trump won’t have to pay out the money immediately as an appeals process plays out, but the verdict still is a stunning setback for the former president.


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