...Inside ANTIFA

It may seem to some observers that ANTIFA is nothing more than a disorganized group of like-minded trouble makers whose members wear similar clothing, mask their faces and protest under their own flag as they claim to be anti-fascist. even if violently so.

The truth is ANTIFA is quite organized, is indeed fascist and is a worldwide organization with evil intent against law and order governments.


So why can’t we take them out like Isis?

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Because apparently white supremacists are a bigger threat to the US than ISIS. Antifa is way to far down the ladder for anyone in government to worry about.

Well that’s absolutely an understatement…

How is that possible when they are too busy kneeling to BLM comrades?

That would require killing them. Until they organize and take credit for bombings or armed attacks on US citizens or US military, there is no justification under our laws for targeting them with deadly weapons.

Their being classified as a terrorist organization is a forward step in defeating them but still does not justify military action. Just as we are not justified in attacking Iran (a terrorist state), we are not justified in attacking other terrorist organizations without physical provocation.

So how do you address or what do you propose to solving this problem?

It wouldn’t surprise me if martial law is just around the corner. It’s all part of the coronavirus Master Plan.

We are on fire!


I totally agree with what this man said.

Mark Esper should be fired immediately. His idea regarding chain of command is unconstitutional. Our President is the COMMANDER IN CHIEF!


Well be surprised, it’s not, and as one member of Trumps cabinet and staff after another throughout his administration has shown, they are not going to allow this idiot to destroy the country. Good for Esper in this regard.

The country will be destroyed if the military is allowed to overrule the President. It’s called a coup d’état.

Our founding fathers wisely designed our government and military to be commanded by AN ELECTED PRESIDENT, not a group of military officers.


Never underestimate the use of certain ego inflating, DRUGS these “legend in their own mind” leftists use.

The drugs cause a running commentary in their mind, inflating them into blithering ego, power mad idiots.

They also need their supply and deal drugs too. They become warped and corrupt.

These “active duty Generals” telling Esper to argue with the President, need to be identified.

We need to remove Military Generals if they are in bed with the Leftist, Globalist, treasonous rats.


With respect, with what’s going on, your Constitution soon isn’t going to be worth the ‘paper it’s written on’?? Your ‘founding fathers’ are long gone?

It takes a lot of effort and multiple ratification to change our constitution.

All of our founding fathers have died, but their wisdom lives on forever. We have only three branches of government; Legislative, Executive and Judicial.

The military and all of its pompous ass generals answer to the President. He is the COMMANDER IN CHIEF.

We’ve fought several wars to defend our constitution and way of life…and won 'em all.

I especially love the histories of our War of Independence and the War of 1812, both of which were fought against the British…whose asses we whipped both times.

We didn’t enter WWI until 1917, and stayed out of WWII until late 1941. In both cases we saved the British from having to learn to speak German.

Freedom is worth dying for.

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There’s never been a war like this one. After 9/11 it was ‘Our lives will never be the same again.’ This time it’s going to be ‘The world will never been the same again.’ Think TRACE 6666??

By pure coincidence I just came across this . . .

That’s your first and fifth Amendments sunk without trace for a start?

Antifa isn’t a fascist organization. Antifa is possibly the least cool ideology one could be.

Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization. They aren’t trying to be fascist in any capacity. They are simply trying to conceal their identity to go smashy smashy.

There are people much more intelligent than you that say they are fascist.

Take your pick.