Insane Trump Protester Equates MAGA Hat to Swastika

Trump protesters explain what Trump’s Make America Great Again hat means to them.

This video provides deep and important insight into the minds of the fallen barren shells of creatures who live in this once great and proud Nation. I’m just glad this soldier goddess put her body on the line to show us the insanity.


For many, MAGA is a hate symbol at the level of a Swastika. This isn’t very surprising.

America cannot wash its hands of this filth quickly enough.

Thanks! We at least now know what we suspected from the beginning, that you are a partisan hack that has officially outed themselves!


A rather unfortunate attitude on your part, and the crazy old woman’s part. Conflating pride in your country with the most sinister movement is human history (communism is a close second) is exactly the sort of hyperbolic ‘ideotheism’ that will ensure independents vote GOP.


Actually - only prog shareblue types

The swastika was used by many cultures throughout the past 3,000 years to represent life, sun, power, strength, and good luck .


One of the clowns in the video says MAGA represents hate. Question, do any of you hate this? If so, I guess you are haters. Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial - memorial .asp

Are you crazy! Is this how fragile the left has become?

The MAGA hat isn’t a swastika. It’s just a political position you don’t like.


@MikeHunt, Invoking Hitler is always going to be a false equivalent.

what a load of bovine feces

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A well known fact from its first day here

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I’m not understanding your statement.

Welcome back.
I thought you got tired of constant pommeling of different points of view.

No welcoming back - @TrumpTrain2 decided to bump an old thread.

No, not at all, and I doubt you can quote me suggesting such. One does however tire of being personally insulted and called names by grown ups who lack the acumen and intellect to express themselves civilly…and in accordance with the rules they agreed to when they joined the forum…:man_shrugging:

These people show how clueless and unintelligent they are. Most of them are lucky to talk in sentence and dome appear to be reading off of cue cards. What an amazing crossection of our country.


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More insanity + GREED from the commies.