Insane Feminist Wackjob Designs Chair To Prevent "Manspreading"

A British woman has been awarded for designing a chair that prevents “manspreading” by forcing men to sit as if they don’t have any balls.

“Manspreading,” otherwise known as ‘having a pair of testicles’ – is where men sit with their legs spread apart on public transport.

23-year-old Laila Laurel says she designed the chair “following her own experiences of ‘manspreading’”.

It came both from my own experiences of men infringing on my space in public, and also from ‘The Everyday Sexism Project’, a website founded by Laura Bates in which women self-testify about sexism they experience,” she told LadBible.

“With my chair set I hoped to draw awareness to the act of sitting for men and women and inspire discussion around this,” added Laurel, who was given the Belmond Award for emerging talent (whatever that is).


Can she invent a chair that stops lazy women from running off with half of everything a man owns?


Just cause I build a “grab my tits” chair does not mean women will sit in it.


That’s right men, keep your legs together. Women need the seat space for their purse, shopping bags, vaginal hygiene products, and all the accessories.

If the self proclaimed feminist can’t see that physiologically a man needs to spread his legs because he’s differently made than a woman, then she needs to take biology 101 to be educated or stop hating on brothers.

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Feminists want all men turned into cucks. The only men who will sit in something like this are the ones who are already into getting their balls stepped on.

The article shows that this hypocrite feminist made a chair for women that forces them to sit the way men usually do. So it’s not the seated position that it the issue. It’s the presence of testicles.


(Do you want to feel like a second class citizen because your genitals hang out of your body well I have the chair for you) is going to be their sales pitch

The chair you are looking for is called the Sharia law chair I believe IKEA are stocking it right now

The insanity will never end as long as liberals roam the planet. They will even attempt to circumnavigate the laws of nature. Thank God the day will come when our Sun will go Super Nova. At least we have that going for us.

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I see this taking hold in Germany first, now that they’ve mainstreamed sitzpinkling.

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“Eddie! Half!”

The 1980s:


Short of cutting the balls off all men, it’s physically impossible to stop men from trying to sit comfortably with their legs spread. Not that it matters, any men that have a minimum of self-respect would rather BURN that chair than sit on it.

Men might as become women at this point. It’s twenty - goddamn - nineteen.

Notice she is wearing a patriarchy skirt. She obviously is not hip to the pant-suit. Maybe its a ploy. She is by no means, a nice woman, worthy of respect. She is a tyrant. Governments run by SJWs will install these and hurt society. Start the clock on the first lawsuits of men using the women’s chairs in spite of the block of wood to try and prevent it. Some woman will be prevented from sitting down because she obviously can’t use a man’s chair and the bad man is using the last available woman’s chair on the bus. Pillows will not be allowed to cushion the block because that will be pre-meditation. These people are sick.

Here’s how to explain “manspeading” to women: Close your eyelids. Apply pressure to the outside corner of your closed eye with one finger. Memorize how uncomfortable even light pressure feels like. Now imagine crushing your eyeballs between your legs, remembering to compensate for a narrower waist and more muscle mass on thighs. And hold on to that visualization the entire duration you are sitting down.

First feminist invention ever and it turns out to be shit.

Also - “Fed up with men infringing upon her public space”.

If it was her space it wouldn’t be public would it?

Besides, she thinks that puny chair can stop the power of my manspread?? Mwahahaha…


The car GPS was inventeed by a man sick and tired of being asked to stop to ask for directions. (theory)

What’s to stop a man from sitting on the woman’s “legs spread to show the goods” chair?

More jock itch sufferers

Put a couple of baseballs in something resembling a chastity belt and let her walk around with them for a month.