Insane BMW Crash – Drunk female driver launches 15 feet in air over traffic circle…

This is a pretty crazy crash that sent this drunk woman flying along with it a rolling boulder that hit and damaged another car. If she isn’t a changed person after this incident, such as lucky to be alive, then she might not be so lucky next time.

Female DUI driver was sent flying 15-feet into the air after her vehicle slammed into a boulder in the middle of a traffic circle, early Thursday morning in Long Beach.

Police were sent to the intersection of West 6th Street and Daisy Avenue for a possible injury crash about 2 a.m., Long Beach Police Department Lt. Brown said. Video of the incident shows the car driving straight into the traffic circle and then flying into the air. A giant boulder is also thrown directly into a parked vehicle.

A woman who was driving the vehicle was taken into custody on suspicion of DUI, Brown said.
The woman was not injured in the crash.

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She better get it together and start flying right.


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