Infrastrure Bill Nancy Pelosi

Although House Democrats now want a 1.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill that Manchion said he would support wow, 6 Trillion to 3.5 trillion to 1.5 trillion dollars of Tax Payers Money, ONLY the rich pay taxes right, AH whats inflation it’s a atx that every pays .6 % so for people making $50,000 a year that’ have house hold bills, mortgages Car Payme4nts Medical supplies healthcare that already oi out of this World common folks will pay $3,000 more a year to bay for the Basics wow how Fricking stupid dos Pelsoi and Democrats think we are? Passed a massive $1.5 trillion infrastructure proposal earlier this week, the Senate didn’t take it up before the weekend—and the bill is now facing near certain death as both top Republicans and the White House have said they will oppose the legislation.

Yep, a fine bipartisan bill passed the senate this week……

We don’t need this shit, it is incredibly irresponsible. We are already $28.8 TRILLION in debt, the National Debt is $28.8 TRILLION, effectively we are bankrupt, we cannot continue like this, Joey Bidet’s $3.5 TRILLION Bill will put us at $32 TRILLION in debt.

Most of that debt is owned by China and they can any day collapse America by just calling in for their chips we owe them.

Of course this is probably the Democrats plan.


Democrats think China is run beautifully, when will blacks wake up and realize where there heading

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The progressives want MORE !!!
Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal said Friday that progressives are still waiting for a counter offer to their $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, adding “there is no number on the table and I’m not negotiating against myself.”

I don’t understand what’s going on. They don’t have the votes Sinema already left, manchin is a no… vote and let’s move on

BIDEN to press:
“It doesn’t matter” when it gets done. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s in six minutes, six days or six weeks. We’re gonna get it done.”

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Though this chart is from 2007 (back then the debt was only $8.7 Trillion), it illustrates how the US Debt is spread over many holders. Japan holds more of our debt than does China. Neither of them hold as much as the US citizens. All foreigners combined do not owe as much as US citizens.

I will search for a more up to date chart, but this one says a lot.

One thing that is puzzling to me is that the US government holds 35% of its own debt. I’m open for explanation of this apparent oddity.


On Edit:

Here’s a more recent article with a similar pie chart. I see some text that describes part of the ‘oddity’ I mentioned above. The government borrows from itself…like the government owes the Social Security Trust Fund.

See Intragovernmental Debt.

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More likely 6 yrs after he is out of the WH.

I don’t t get it, 10% of the bill going to jobs, the other parts go to cradle to the grave welfare.

Who’s going to work? Illegals?

It passed in bipartisan fashion….:+1:

Yes, we do need it. US infrastructure once number one in the world is number 13…
But to the debt. You made no complaints as trump was signing RECORD budget deficits after promising balanced budgets.

Again, virtually everything the right complains about with democrats is done by republicans too, but never any mention. The national debt increased from 19.8 trillion to 27 trillion during Trump’s brief presidency and all I heard was crickets. Now that a democrat is in the White House again, right on que the handwringing begins over debt and deficit…NAKED and transparent bias….

What kills me is that they claim they can’t find the illegals, yet how do they find the illegals in order to pay them? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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ok I do not know if your left or right and do not give a dam if you are working opr not You pay for it 68 % of Americans say not them or me

I am taking about the next BBB 5 trillion dollars

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Social liberal fiscal conservative…
Let people do as they wish……All the government you need and nothing more. Spending and taxes must both be set to pay the bills….

My guess is that a moderator has intervened….:thinking:

not with my money Drunk Nancy Pelosi is worth 303 million dollrs so lety the old drunk pay mine

The BBB will be a good spending bill. It has Larry Summers support who points out that it is not inflationary, will improve the lot of poor and middle class children, seniors, the environment, etc., and is paid for…:sunglasses: