Inflation and Southern US Border catastrophy

What is a Tax on every American in the USA?

Working American- But 53% pay no taxes they suck on the government tit , some for several Estate and Inheritance Taxes

Property Taxes

Excise Taxes

Value-Added Taxes

Sales Taxes

Capital Gains Taxes

Payroll Taxes - Social Security

Individual Income Taxes

Most don’t realize the number of time an auto get taxed and taxed and taxed again .
If you purchase a NEW car it gets taxed for the FULL amount , all the tax has been paid . Now after 2 years you sell that car , it gets taxed AGAIN , When the 3rd , 4th ,5th , 6th ,… sell that same car that the first owner paid the FULL TAX ON , ALL get taxed AGAIN .

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So Jim, the poor pay no taxes and y’all bitch about that and as soon as a bipartisan infrastructure bill is passed, you guys start bitching that it’s taxing the poor….:joy::joy::joy::roll_eyes:

If only it was just an infrastructure bill. :thinking:

We get to pay more because the government wants to care for 40,000,000 ILLEGALS and the 11,000,000 waiting to sneak in illegally of course . Why do you think liberals labeled the census RACIST ? How much more will you pay for gas to get to WORK ? How much more will you pay to feed your family ? Did you get that 15% hike in your grocery budget like those on SNAP ? Did your property TAXES go up ? Do you pay school tax ? They don’t ! Do you have to pay your mortgage or rent ? They didn’t for 18 months .


Poor guy? I worked 45 years yes 45years . I started with 3 jobs my top salary was $2.14 and Hour. I worked 7 days a week and worked every day no days off , The most I made was $50,000 a year and the State and Federal taxes were 24 % of that, Then I go to a grocery store I pay Wisconsin sales tax on things I buy, Takes on my phone and light bill gasoline I then have to pay more now because of Biden Inflation and the fricking idioit and Pelosi spend 6 trillion dollars on an infrastructure bill that is 9 % Infrastructure. Now all this fricking lawmakers go on a paid vacation all over the US and the world, Climate Change do airplanes now fly on electric engines? Thier Limos on electric cars no the 85 limos Biden hauled his Cabinet to in The UK or were ever none were electric powered. Americans were trying to tell Washington DC something on 1/6/2021 , WWW3 is ab out to explode and these politicians Republicans and Democrat’s, black white women men or in between best listen to us or the World will change and America and Vladimir Putin and CVhina love it

I have a quest for you , If you know that and I must say 40million is alot higher than I thought , why do you not provide that to your elected officials and tell them the detail.? If you need help adverting that number and have proff of the 40 million I have ways of letting 100 million Americans know that now

It is not an infrastructure bill. That is a LIE.

I guess like so many others you still fail to realize that elected officials from both sides of the isle are not interested in doing anything about this issue….

They say the number is 15,000,000 Adults and 20,000,000 children and 4,000,000 DACA dope running around . Over 2,000,000 are in Mexico ready to come in illegally . They know the numbers and are trying to hide it from taxpayers . Why do you think these motherfuckers are calling the US Census RACIST ?
Based on FAIR’s most recent comprehensive fiscal cost study, illegal aliens are likely imposing a net fiscal burden of at least $133.7 billion.[1] That’s an increase of nearly $2 billion over the past year.

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Yep , because they are all WOKE like you . You know damn well DemoRATS see these 2nd grade dropouts as fucking VOTES , and will never want them to leave . The dope in the WH wants to give them $450,000 for entering the USA ILLEGALLY , CRIMINALS LIKE YOUR FUCKING HERO George Floyd and the 3 hero’s Kyle shot Rapist , Abusers , flat out criminals . Take your 6 minute knee like those asses in the WH . :clown_face:

Really….:thinking: And what would that be?

Dems never count the illegal children only the adults there are over 22,000,000 illegal CHILDREN in the Usa . Monty’s raiders !