Incredible Historical Moment! With Trump in NK Making History!

Trump became the first sitting US president in history to cross into North Korea when he met Kim Jong Un at the DMZ earlier! Truly a remarkable moment in time and a step closer to attaining peace with the once Hermit Kingdom!

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Another concession the Norks have desperately wanted for decades.

It’s a good carrot. What’s the payoff?

And what will the US get out of Trump giving the NK dictator a propaganda coup of a lifetime? Fuck all but at least Trumps supporters get to show how hypocritical they are. Wonder what you would have said if this has been Obama?

How the fuck does this get us any closer to peace? What it does is give the NK regime complete legitimacy and provides the dictator an opportunity to strengthen his position of power.

Any action that can help promote peace and the preservation of lives on both sides should be praised. Good moves here and a direct fuck you to John Bolton and his Neo-Con handlers.

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Well for one, the visit terrifies liberals and sets them spinning like tops. It’s fun to watch.

We dont really need other reasons to visit other countries.

Depends on how low Obama bowed as he apologized for America.


I hope Kim isn’t stupid enough to trust Trump or anyone in the US government. You need to be really stupid to surrender your stuff after what happened to Gaddafi.

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I expect Bolton will do something again to wreck Trump’s latest overtures to Kim.

Ok, nothing then.

Trumpstein is there for votes. The War machine behind him is there purely for possible weakness/subversion. If I were Kim I would take this visit very suspiciously. One thing is very clear to me,

USA (representatives of) are not there to “get along” with NK.

So you rather have a leader that doesn’t at least try? Reading all the blind skeptics and the born again cynics here the impression leaves less to be desired! Dam if you do and dam if you don’t!

Try living in South Korea for a few years whose people have constantly lived under the threat of Nuclear destruction to adjust your world view! I know I have!

That’s Right
Both Sides Want Something Done About Everything Under The Sun
And When They Finally Get Somebody That Does It
They Drop On Him Like A Pallet Of Bricks

How Trump Keeps Going And Going Is Remarkable

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Aren’t you a “progressive”?

There are at least 8 million ways this could have gone very badly for Mr Trump, fortunately it did not.

Now the jackals and buzzards will descend hoping to tear him apart.

You know the Secret Service was literally shitting bricks from the moment he suggested taking such a risk.

Had the Norks chosen to arrest and seize him the moment he crossed the line there’s nothing the SS could have done to stop it.

Kudos on showing you have the stones to risk it all for peace Mr. President.

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No payoff. And imagine the criticism that surely would have followed from the right had Obama done this…

You are free to dream, playing revisionist does t make it true! Obama was a failure to the truest sense of the word!

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Now that is very funny…:rofl:

No, it is a fact, your butthurt can’t deal with it!

Nice acknowledgement there…