Incredible Footage of a Tsunami taking place

I found this footage and thought it was incredible to watch. Just goes to show how powerful the seas can be. A lot of people lost their lives in this specific event! Incredible!

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I always thought that in a tsunami situation, the sea level first drops (big ebb, as witnessed in Thailand in 2004 or 2005 Christmas) and then big waves strike.

But in the 2011 tsunami, the sea level simply rose, and water ran violently upstream where there were rivers.

The sirens were blaring, but people remained nonchalant until faced with real water.

The Japanese meteorological agency was partly to blame for this, because they had always issued warnings and advisories for nothing burger tsunamis of water one foot high.

Did you see moments before there were people causally riding their bicycles? That was pretty crazy to watch. Do you remember this one?

No. I saw the cyclist for the first time.

Like I was saying, the Japanese authorities had made a mistake of issuing stupid warnings for minor tsunamis in the past, so much so that people got bored and decided not to take them seriously.

There were a number of cities hit by the 2011 tsunami, but in one city, an old mayor had insisted that the city build a high wall along the waterfront. (That area was hit badly in 1960 by a tsunami caused by a big earthquake in Chile, and people were not prepared for the tsunami that occurred on the other side of globe.) People bitched about the wall, saying it was such an eyesore and total waste of money, blah blah… until the big tsunami in 2011 hit. The mayor had passed on but the city didn’t suffer any damage and casualties except one fool who went to the waterfront to check his boat.

This is crazy! These things when they hot should come with plenty of warnings were people don’t need to needlessly die by being unprepared. This particular video is tremendously terrifying.