Incoming Texas freshmen threatened with doxxing if they join conservative campus groups

  • A Texas group is threatening to release personal information of incoming freshmen who plan to join conservative student groups.

  • The group, Autonomous Student Network, was previously banned from Twitter after releasing information belonging to Brett Kavanaugh supporters.


What needs to happen here is for the leftist tyrants to start getting doxxed themselves. Not only them, their entire family too. Then there need to be protests outside the houses of their family members. They deserve a taste of their own medicine.


Do they have protections in place to prevent political discrimination?

This is why it’s so important that we teach our young men how to appropriately throw a punch.

Good lord. This is terrible. Let people have their opinions. This is right up there with revenge porn, except the freshman haven’t done anything bad except join a political group. It’s blackmail. Hopefully the IP addresses of Autonomous’ members were found out by the police and they were arrested.

UT was on my list of a university to transfer to in Fall 2019, but after this, I’m so glad I didn’t choose them, or a state college. Don’t need the drama.

These young adults are already being judged as racists and facists, when they haven’t even met them. So judgemental. The hypocrisy here with the “anti-facist” group is astounding.

The only way leftists/ANTIFA Fascists know how to compete is the bully and stifle the free speech of conservatives.

They represent the despicable side of activist politics.


This is why taking the high road is no longer an option. We need to figuratively rip their throats out and destroy the reputation of their loved ones. It’s fire with fire. Nothing else will do.

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What would violence solve and what happens if the person they throw a punch at can punch back harder and faster?

Yeah self proclaimed anti-fascists using fascist tactics, it truly is astounding! :astonished:

I agree as long as we do not initiate violence. However, if violence is visited upon us, we should smash some noses flat.

I have a friend that has raised multiple daughters. On one occasion, a daughter of his had a date with a muscle-bound workout artist…big biceps, sculptured calves, six-pack abs, wide neck…the whole works.

All of his daughters suitors had to come in the house and meet him prior to going out for a date…every time they went out.

When the first date with this dude occurred, he told the boy…“Just so you know, you can work up all the muscles you want, be as stronger and tough looking as you want…but there’s nothing you can do about that nose. If you disrespect my daughter in any way, I’ll smash your nose like a tomato!”

That was their one and only date.

Sadly I’ve come to the same conclusion, we have to fight fire with fire on their low & vicious level in the hopes we can restore civility, stability, sanity and unity at some point. The leftist liberal progressive reaction to the 2016 election should be a reality check for us all to realize that one side is resisting the rule of Constitutional law. More bluntly put they are hell bent on another Civil War! :angry:

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I have seen one video in which the masked ANTIFA chickens scattered like a herd of cats sprayed with a water hose when the other side started slugging.

They are basically pushing toward a physical encounter for which they really haven’t the guts to participate. They apparently think their destruction of property constitutes bravery enough. Property doesn’t fight back.

What/who should a person punch when he is doxxed from a distance?

The Texas student’s parents might get doxxed by some anonymous account traced to somewhere in New Jersey.

Now what?

Maybe those conservative student groups will have to meet in campus catacombs.