In the Grey Zone with China

Something that is very rarely talked about is the comparison between China and the US in how they employ their long term strategies to remain the hegemonic power in the word and why China’s grey zone strategy is not only fascinating to understand, but is a winning strategy currently over the US in the long term.

China actively employs Grey Zone activities to advance and consummate its 100-year marathon—otherwise known as its plan to replace the U.S. as a global superpower. China knows America is ill-equipped, both temperamentally and strategically, to address China’s strategic, long-term manipulations with agility. China’s strategy is political warfare on steroids.

Communist China will hit the Great Wall if they set foot on the soil of the Republic of China.

If they set foot on their own land? Huh? :thinking:

Its not their land , never was and never will be.

What was never their land? And whose land is it? Who do you think built the Great Wall?

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The Republic of China ( Taiwan ) has not been part of the Mainland except for 2 centuries of occupation .
Communist China hitting the Great Wall is a play on words of hitting the wall.

Is that why Taiwan since Chiang Kai-shek have never formally declared independence from China? Taiwan was originally part of China as was Tibet.

It is also not up to the US to decide the affairs of other countries in the world including China’s Taiwan.

Britain’s strange behavior toward China.
Two guys in Britain explain the phenomenon.

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