Impeachment Inquiry Rules Skewed Heavily Against the President

This is a total sham and the American people should not stand for it! This is not a partisan issue! This is just down right wrong!

Impeachment Inquiry Rules Skewed Heavily Against the President

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So essentially there is no due process and no plans for due process at any point in this process.

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I am starting to think that the time for declassification would be about now! If Democrats are intent on burning the house down why not give them what they want and just take them down along with it? Sunlight is the best disinfectant!

Of course there’s due process. Mark Meadows has stated that republicans have all the access and time that the democrats have.

President Trump WON the election which equates to him LOSING all his civil rights according to poor loser Democrats. It’s just plain insanity.

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With a little Russian interference.

And now, he’s invited, no demanded, that Ukraine do the same or not receive security aid.

Proof please. Otherwise stop spreading fake news.

Oh pleeeeeaaaase…

Monte, get off the " Russian Interference " that was about as true as the Earth is flat. Accept that he won the election and stop being a shill for HRC.
Fortunately for us your TDS isn’t contagious.
Since the Dems failed on the Illusion of Collusion, they put every word he said during the phone call under a microscope to find any evidence of a quid pro quo real or imagined.
With these rules, there isn’t anything that remotely resembles Due Process, then why have an impeachment inquiry, just vote to put Trump before a firing squad and forget about the Senate trial.

Trump’s own administration officials acknowledge this and have been working to prevent it in the next election, if despite him. :man_shrugging:

Can you articulate for me what due process is for this. Maybe throw in a constitutional requirement…

The Epoch Times? One of the few fake news sources to be actually banned from Farcebook?

When Zukerberg won’t take an organization’s ad money it’s proof positive that something is kinda off kilter.

But if it fuels a persons distorted and malformed world view I guess it needs to exist if only as someone’s walker.

Yawn again with your BS proganda of your fake news cries! Got anything else? Probably not! But it’s telling and hilariously funny at the irony of you trying to prop up more fake news media bias like NBC news to call out the Epoch Times! You invent a new kind of ignorance every time you post here!

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