Immune System Criticized As Anti-Science


September 7th, 2021 -

ATLANTA, GA—The CDC has issued new guidelines that specifically call out anyone relying on a functioning immune system as being anti-science.

“Does a ‘complex network of cells, and proteins that defends the body against infection’ sound scientific to you? Didn’t think so,” said CDC spokesman Jonathan Growsky. “Science is doing what we say to do without question, not magically getting healthy while your body functions as designed. That’s just superstitious nonsense”

Growsky continued, “How can we expect the human body to keep track of every microbe it’s ever killed, and know how to kill it again quickly if it ever returns? It is as nonsensical as it sounds.”

The CDC no longer recommends worrying about your physical fitness level, eating a well-balanced diet, or taking vitamins as these are only important if you trust your immune system.

The media quickly began promoting the CDC’s new guidelines, calling the immune system a “far-right conspiracy theory” and “fringe anti-science treatment.”

Upon hearing this, many Americans packed on 50 pounds and picked up smoking to prove that they trust vaccines alone and are not science deniers who trust their body’s immune system.


How will these dems make MONEY on ones immune system . :face_with_head_bandage: :mask:

Human immune system has worked fine for thousands of years.

Drug or vaccine induced “immunity” is short-lived, and often comes with horrendous consequences.

Testing is everything.

Test weekly and charge for the test.

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Now Biden DEMANDS companies with 100 or more employees they MUST get vaccinated !
Dopey Biden said it is so we can “PROTECT” the vaccinated from the unvaccinated WTF ?
Does that mean the vaccine is INAFFECTIVE ? Why the need to protect those that were FULLY VACCINATED ? What the hell are these boosters for then ?
How can the republican’s allow this bullshit to happen? How many more rights will we lose with the demoRATS ? What happened to the Constitution , the Bill of Rights , HAPAA ? Why the hell does OSHA have to be involved ?


If two shots don’t kill, these boosters will.

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Dollars… $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.