Immigration in Poland

The Polish people have got it right. We would do well to mimic their immigration policies. It’s all about family and country. Damn the criticism from the EU.

I love Poland!


Poland is one of the most religious Christian countries in Europe, so good luck forcing that shit on them.


Poland, Hungary and the Eastern Block will one day be our last refuge.


If I had the money, I’d retire to Poland. I’ve been there on business and found it to be absolutely beautiful, rich in historical sites and really old churches, clean and cordial. The Polish cuisine is not bad either.

I have long admired the Polish for their contributions to science. I think Reverse Polish Notation should be mandatory for all calculators. There is no equal!!! :rofl:

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Poland’s business ecosystem must be pretty resistant to social justice outrage… does anyone know if they have their own payment processing service providers, banks etc…who accept customers that were rejected from the paypal, mastercard, visa, and chase bank of both western Europe and the USA?


Man - this guy is awesome. Sounds more like Poland declared the right of self defense against the global horde of invading muzzies.


We (USA) don’t have the balls to do what Poland is doing.

We can’t seem to distinguish between a legitimate religion and an intolerant theocracy founded by a demented pedophile whose goal was to convert EVERYBODY under threat of death to convert to his sick beliefs.

Freedom of religion as we apply it should NOT be offered to a theocracy that dictates laws conflicting with our constitutional guidelines.

Sharia Law is caveman style bullshit! Islam is NOT a peaceful religion. It is a violent, intolerant theocracy run by a bunch of goddamned maniacal perverts.

Poland is one of the few countries that understands this.

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The problem with that argument, is that Poland has a national identity that is centuries old, the US does not, as it is a country founded on immigration and expansion. The only thing that is consistent is the constitution and what it represents in upholding the tenets of our founding fathers that sought to establish a frame work for Individual liberties and rights, something no other country had done prior.
Poland on the other hand is in their right to preserve their cultural identity by refusing people that don’t assimilate to their standards and values, such as being Christian.

We have a right to preserve our constitutional law and prohibit the creation of areas within our borders that do not do so.

If you equate Poland’s national identity to our constitution, the argument is valid that both are worthy of protecting. The fact that our constitution protects a collage of ethnic groups (our citizens) from becoming subjugated to Sharia Law is equivalent to Poland’s government protecting their cultural identity (citizens) from same.

Yes I do equate it, but also point to the differences as well, but I am in total agreement with your premise that you put forth.

If you do a search for a European terrorist attack map you will see not a single attack in Poland! Amazing isn’t it!


When you remove the cause, you don’t have the effect. Maybe the Polish should teach our brilliant lawmakers a class on basic common sense and cause and effect.


Our professional politicians are too busy acting politically correct to heed any lessons involving logic and reason.


True! I know this as being a confirmed fact, and is reason why countries like Poland and Hungary are getting more attention for not supporting the EU’s policy on immigration and accepting of multiculturalism!


Racists and bigots need to retire in Poland…they don’t love America anyway.

This makes me want to move to Poland. I hit up a truck stop today on may way back home. Been going to this place for years. All of a sudden on this trip it was packed with Arabs and Hispanics. I was in the middle of nowhere on the Kansas side of the Nebraska border. I’m not a racist or nothing but it just seemed to be an overnight change. Where the hell did they all come from and how did they get here? Doesn’t sound like Poland has that problem.

Hurry up…:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Considering I would follow Poland’s immigration laws if I wanted to do that, it might take a while.

I have one better. Let’s get rid of all the illegal border crossers and visa overstays so I don’t have to leave the country my ancestors built.

That fact is stated by Dominik in the OP. It happens right about the 1:01 mark.