Immigration Fraudster Ilhan Omar demands Biden and Schumer to disregard parliamentarian on immigration

Trump won

Neat trick as it would allow the right to do the same thing when they are in charge.

What stupid people.

I’ll give you this one. My response was more about the Left in general, not you personally.

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Monte, Really!!! What about the ILLUSION of COLLUSION , Steele Dossier and the phone call to Ukraine. Those were all based on fact.

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What does any of that have to do with the post you quoted….:thinking:

Ilhan Omar is crazy. She’s so crazy it’s not even funny. She’s like a walking talking insane person who doesn’t just have a mental problem but has a mental illness.

Here’s a crazy idea, I want to know if anybody believes this stuff! I want to know how many Americans out there actually believe that the Minnesota congresswoman is mentally unwell? (If the answer is not more than zero, I’m still gonna call her crazy, ok?)

I don’t believe Omar is actually crazy. I think she’s a liar. I think she’s a liar of a caliber that she would be jailed for if her lies had any consequences whatsoever. (Which they never do.)

I’m not gonna debate why. There are better people to do that than me and I am not the expert to do so.

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You can always count on Democrats to destroy the rule of law with their political power, by whatever means necessary.

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Heaven and Hell


It’s not law……

That said, I disagree with her demands and do not want her or any democrats to act like Trump….

Y’all just love to hate on her. It’s amazing to consider just how far Ilhan Omar has come. When she first made her electoral debut as a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, in 2006, as a Somali immigrant to America, Omar’s background wasn’t exactly progressive but she’s evolved her ideas tremendously over the years, becoming a fierce critic of imperialism and systemic racism while being a champion of human rights and diversity. She’s a true leader.

ROTFLMAO, there is just no way to respond to that.

And it’s not April 1st.

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She is a leader of hating this country and believes she rule the House herself.
What systemic racism is there? Racism will always exist ,but we can make it irrelevant. She like all Liberals thrive on creating controversy otherwise, they wouldn’t exist. You probably believe BLM prople are purely justice warriors with her blessing, rioting and burning down businesses incuding those owned by blacks.

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Because of what America is she has been treated very well.

I doubt she’d be doing so well if still in Somali.

She should show some gratitude and respect for this country and our laws.

It rather reminds me of Antifa when they get beat up on and run to the police for help.


Yes, she is only here to take ADVANTAGE of what this country has to offer and is so DAMN ungrateful, she kicks ilthe country in the TESTICLES.


That is the difference between the left and the right. :woman_shrugging:


Not to worry… no Democrat will ever be like Trump… unfortunately.

I’m gonna use that some time, some where… if it’s alright with you?

I don’t hate her… or anyone. I just don’t give two shits what she has to say about anything.

Every immigrant that arrived on these shores beginning with the Mayflower was here to take advantage of and exploit this land of resource and many uses……