Imagine if America was a Dictatorship

Isn’t this already the case now?

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We are under the Bidet DOJ investigating parents as domestic terrorists, forcing electric cars and trucks on us and a out of control ATF.

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Yet the DOJ declines to investigate Hunters laptop and daddy bidens connection.

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The best slave is he who thinks he is free.
Goethe said that.


Of course they will decline when they are part of the criminal cabal!


I can not post this video enough! In fact I will probably post it as many times as possible not here but across all social media! Why? It nails succinctly what the actual truth is.


What’s the ethnic identity of Obama’s mama?
Three choices.

That ought to explain a few things.

What are the three choices?

That is powerful stuff that is made of revolutions

White, black, and none of the above


Ambiguity is a tool for chaos that is never discovered

We might as well forget any meaningful progress on Hunter Biden when a BIG DONOR pays his past due taxes. I’ll walk on the moon before anything is done about his laptop


Anything is possible. I mean anything! Life is full of surprises.