Images. Cant upload

I cannot upload images from my files. The upload icon is gone.
Something changed.

Are you on desktop or mobile?

What OS are you using?

What browser are you using?

Working fine for me.

I checked on both desktop and mobile on my end using Mobile: Android/Chrome and Desktop: Windows 10 / Chromium / Edge / Firefox. No issues that I can tell. Sure could use a screenshot.

Well… first of all let me say that this is a change. I have uploaded pics before.

Samsung galaxy 8+ with whatever the latest Android version is. Chrome browser.

I can’t upload a screenshot. THAT is the problem.:slight_smile:

I have new and different icons where the upload icon was. One is a calendar and the other looks like a “settings” icon but has blur, hide, and poll building functions.

Wait… never mind. The upload icon/widget has moved… or I am in early stages of dementia.

Thanks for taking me through it.

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Charge your phone…

That was a random screenshot from a week or so ago.

Not a good sign. I just made coffee …but forgot to add the coffee.