Illegals from Chechnya have been Spying on US Special Forces and our Military Bases

A red herring or something else that is going on to this story that should become more concerning to US Citizens and Military families across the country? It is after all Fox News and involving Russians so much to be skeptical about. That being said, with the US border wide open and NATO and US forces operating in the Ukraine Proxy war something may be in play here if this turns out to be true.

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In 2023, 2.3 million migrants entered the US illegally via its southern border.

In the last 10 years, fewer than 15K Chinese nationals have entered the US illegally, whereas in 2023 alone, 37,439 Chinese entered the US illegally.

Coincidence or a Sign of Something Sinister?

Chinese officials made it quite clear that they no longer fear our criticism, because they don’t respect us as they once did, and they don’t think the rest of the world does, either.
America doesn’t need to worry about China; it needs to be worried about itself and never ever think or utter the dreaded “we’re #1 !” empty slogan.

As far as China is concerned, that may be the case, however its more concerning that foreign nationals are trying to spy on our military installations and are getting brazen by the week. Who knows how many with ill intent have already entered the country illegally and it should have everyone concerned.

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