(Illegal) US occupation of eastern Syria coming to end?

Few people know the US maintains a military base in eastern Syria causing war and instability in the region.

Alex Christoforou

Causing war and instability? That is because they are stealing oil that is not theirs.

If squatters on other people’s land have nothing better to do, they might as well start stealing resources from the land. LOL

The sheer presence of the US military in eastern Syria (on whatever their initial excuse) will have bad consequences, especially in the middle of the Moslem world.

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Who’s making the US foreign policies?


What God?

Christians, wake the f— up!

Matt Gaetz is exposing the fact that the US military trains militias in Africa to overthrow Governments that don’t want to kneel to US Empire and hand over their natural resources. Watch Matt Gaetz destroy the US General in charge of illegally spreading “democracy” in Africa.

Trump wanted to get out of eastern Syria but he was sabotaged by his own cabinet members, Bolton and Pompeo.