Illegal Immigrants In Virginia Can Apply For Driver Privilege Cards Starting

I always thought Virginia was somewhat conservative. Big mistake!
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This is good. Now these people will be able to purchase insurance…

Trump won Virginia …

Emphasis on “was”

Although Virginia was considered a reliable Republican-leaning state from 1952 to 2004, and even up until 2006, it has not voted Republican in a presidential election since 2004, and it has not elected a Republican to any statewide office since 2009…

Yes if you cheat lol stop eating tide pods lol

Not unusual.

If they have motor voter they can then register to vote as they do in Colorado.

As a side note the idiots from the left will say it’s great as thy can drive legally and they will buy insurance. That is laughable as thry don’t purchase insurance as it’s to expensive. Like Colorado they will go to the general purchase their weekly insurance and drop it the day they buy license plates for their new POS they legally drive on the streets.

Hey guys genuine question my girlfriend is going to give birth late January early February hypothetically if she got on a plane now went to America could she use the baby as an anchor baby would the baby automatically become an American citizen??? I know your rules are not very tight on illegal immigrants my uncle lives in America San Francisco for 14 years in total without having a green card. If I got on a plane with my family and went to Texas and started renting a house and try to get a job what would happen??? What would happen if I bought the house with cash?? How do these illegals get bank accounts??

Birth in the US…automatic citizen. Buy home? More than $10,000 a financial trans action form must be filed with the IRS by either, the bank, the relator and remember the deed and mortgaged will be filed with the land records office.Does he have social security card?.Travel by Bus or is not as extreme as the airport. There are many carpool services offering shared car space for pennies. <best advice…go back where he is from.

More illegals the police can’t ask about immigration status during a traffic stop.

My uncle was in America for two 7 years periods roughly ranging from the 90s to the early 2000s I believe he used having dual national as some type of loophole coming in on an Irish passport whilst having a British passport I don’t know the ins and outs but he definitely didn’t have a green card and he was definitely an illegal immigrant he did this in San Francisco I know he mainly works in the construction industry as a painter and decorator. I believe America has the potential to be a great country to live in I know if I invest €500,000 US dollars I can move thier and I know many Nigerians use anchor babies I’m just curious into how it works I am not planning on becoming an illegal immigrant

I just do not understand how these Mexicans do it theoretically I could get on a plane to Mexico and walk across the border and I get to live in America and my children go to school there how does that work how do they get housing?? How do I get healthcare?? How do they pay taxes?? How do they even get paid?? The really confusing one is how do thier kids get into school?? If you kill one of those people have you even really broken a law if you got rid of their body can the family even report them as missing apparently they stand outside home depot asking for work if you pick some of them up and drove to a private area and just shot them in their heads is that even a crime?? They are not citizens so are they protected by the law who wouldn’t fight their case who will report them missing??