Illegal Imigration at the Southern US Border

Biden admistraion is trying to get new voters for the 2022 election by allowing millions of illegals into the USA Biden did loss the 2020 election so your thoughts on this

Who are you Jim? How did you find this place?

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It’s incredible that we allow illegals coming across the border, bringing who knows what kind of diseases with them to infect the country and burden our Healthcare system.
A substantial number of illegals have all types of felony backgrounds which is good for law enforcement ( joke).
It would be good to have the border under contol of the Defense Dept so we citizens cold be safe and secure in our homes. It should look similar to the old East, West German Border.

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A strong supporter of POTUS Trump who wants answers on what happened in the 2020 election POTUS Trump won by 12 million votes Pervert Joe Biden had 44 million maybe

How long is it gonna take Kamala to find out all these root causes

Maybe when she gets off her knees.

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and spreads her legs wide open Kamala Harris

20 % have Covid 19 and when Kamala Harris is around Washington DC 15 % of black men have VD

25% of men of all races may have Genital and or Oral Herpes from her .

more like 95 % they do not call her the VP Whore for nothing, Legs spread wide open Kamala Ya know Jill Biden is a hoe also

All the while our RIGHTS are taken away because of the left fear of Covid , these moron are allowing illegals to sneak into the Country unvetted and unchecked for the thousands of deadly diseases they carry with them . Is HIPAA a thing of the past ? Why is Mark fu@kerberg tracking you ? Why does your iphone track you ? If Covid is that bad we must suspend ALL ones rights , why aren’t our border CLOSED ? Why are we allowing flights into our Country ?

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the same way with Afgan refugees 20 % covid

‘Unbelievable’ video shows border agents opening gate to migrants - YouTube

NYC leases luxurious hotel for illegal migrants!

The CBP would be better leaving the border wide open under Biden

Racist asshole!!!

I’m just talking about the southern border crisis, my friend…

Americans are getting destroyed by this immoral, we can’t even complain about it, with our being called a racist. I bet drug over dose deaths sky rocket……