Illegal Aliens Rush to Mexico From Texas Camp to Avoid Deportations

America is a country of immigrants, you don’t like it you’re UNAmerican…

Not even Trump reduced “illegal” immigration
All he reduced was “legal” immigration….:roll_eyes:

“President Trump entered the White House with the goal of eliminating illegal immigration but Trump oversaw a virtual collapse in interior immigration enforcement and the stabilization of the illegal immigrant population. Thus, Trump succeeded in reducing legal immigration and failed to eliminate illegal immigration.

So you are now the decision maker for who is American and who isn’t.

The courts were the DECIDER against him

Yep, just like you are when you claim people hate America when they hold values and an ideology that’s different than yours…:+1:

The courts were the DECIDER against Trump in his fifty odd frivolous lawsuits claiming he was cheated in the election.

So do you always accept the courts ruling, or just when it suits your interests?

Actually do you have anything to prove Biden won?

I don’t hate people that have different values etc
I dont like when they want be a special class and say they are superior.
Different opinions are good to promote sensible discussions to solve problems. What eould would change if we all the same values etc

There are courts decisions that we don’t like such as CITIZENS UNITED , but we have to accept the rulings as law. We don’t need referendums on court rulings. None of us witnessed the court arguments and we have to accept it ,like it or not.

Yeah, I can agree with this…….

And I heartily agree with this statement too….

Any immigration that hurts Americans should be over turned and any ruler that pushes it should be tried for treason.


Try being put in a room with 20 Haitians That can’t speak English and hate your country.
This is the option today for poor Americans that are working jobs to get back on their feet…

And people wonder why African-Americans are taking up arms in the streets to selling drugs and getting shot…

People wonder why whites are overdosing and rural areas in urban areas…

The poor must have a voice

The left doesn’t care about the poor i the US only about dding to the base.

Total bullshit They are being released into our Cities !!! STOP YOUR FU@KING LYING !!!
Homeland Security admits to allowing 12K Haitian migrants into US (


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Just like his bullshit about the steele dossier , general Flynn , the Russian collusion , pee tapes , Wuhan lab denial , dead soldier bounties , hunter’s laptop .

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Isn’t it ironic that Texas would ban abortions right before the mass immigration of goblin serial rapists…as if on cue.

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Texas is banning all abortions???

With no exceptions for rape and incest…

It’s ok, their welfare burden will go up and then they’ll start sobbing about that……:joy::joy::joy:

Whether you like it or not, the U.S is a nation of laws,Good and Bad. Equal enforcement is s problem starting with illegal immigration .There is also a problem with the USAG deciding what laws to enforce regardless of party it affects and the President should step in with a "Gentile Reminder " to the AG it is an APPOINTED position and can be replaced by the President.
Its Congress duty to enact new laws or revise laws.
We citizens should not take to the streets as ANARCHISTS , but peacefully protest and turn.a deaf ear to counterprotestors. By retalating, we give them what they want making us the bad guys and poor PA by the Leftist Media. Yes, discipline is difficult, but it’s better than fighting in the streets.
For what its worth, I use my Freedom of Speech to write a letter to the editor, my Rep, Sen and call the local DUNCE host call in program and I get my monies worth.

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