Ilhan Omar Pays Husband’s Firm Another $600,000 In Just Three Weeks, Bringing Total Over $1.7 Million

Well what is new here? I thought it was only Biden’s family that benefitted from governmental nepotism!

Yet the story is mysteriously missing in the MSM.

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Well if they were a NEWS source there maybe a vague line or two on page 18 or 32 .

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Doesn’t her religion consider her an apostate for having an affair, divorcing her husband, and marrying a non-Muslim?

No, not really. She did not convert to another religion. She is being investigate for immigration fraud for allegedly marring her brother.

which will go no whee.

2 justice systems. Her’s set her free, your’s would imprison you.

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Most of our freedoms are illusionary. The last year has confirmed that belief. The American press has never been free. Anyone who doesn’t realize we are forced fed propaganda and live in a censored country is beyond help.

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Sad part is many Americans rely on the MSM for information regarding politics.

It really got super bad when Obama took office . Black LIES Matter .