Ilhan Omar Changes Tune: 'September 11th Was an Attack on All of Us'

Her words are worthless pandering.

Her true thoughts were already put on display.

Anything now, is just lipservice.


Hmm, she must not be polling well.

Time to back peddle.

But you’re right. A little too late.

This bulbhead whore needs to get prosecuted for immigration fraud then needs to face the appropriate punishment under Sharia for cheating on her husband.

Not to mention the legal jeopardy she is facing! She probably doesn’t want anymore controversy focused on her!

It wasn’t an attack on all of us you Somali bitch. It was an attack on Americans, as a Muslim she has no loyalty the the US, the constitution, or the American people…as she is part of the group of people who perpetrated the attack.


She doesn’t care. She thinks terrorism is funny and laughs at Americans for being concerned about it.

She is being shamed by the victims of 9-11 too!

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Quite clever. First throw the red meat to your Muslim brethren, then lie to the stupid infidels that you didn’t mean it while winking at your real constituents.

He must be a plant. We all know who did 9/11. It was not Muslim extremists under the control of some guy in a cave in Afghanistan. Saddam Hussein had no weapons of Mass Destruction either. All the lies are being told by…

Israel. Jews. Mossad.

Just ask Larry 'Pull It" Silverstein.

Not going there buddy! Do not try to derail this thread! BTW I was there and don’t suffer from the same discourse that you do!

Israel did lie and say Iraq had WMDs. That’s where the intelligence came from. They either lied or were wrong, but either way their intelligence reports were used to justify entry into Iraq. What a time that was. The invasion. Insane.

If the Muslims didn’t commit 9/11 then why do they take credit. If they wanted to destroy us why then would they go along with the plot? I don’t think Israel had anything to do with 9/11. I believe it was Al Qaeda linked operatives from various middle eastern countries.

It was an attack on Americans. It wasn’t an attack on illegal immigrant Muslims.

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