If You Have Nothing to Hide, You Have Nothing to Fear!

Facial recognition has reached remarkable capabilities…



Scary stuff.

Wonder what will happen to all of these countries that depend so heavily on electronics if there were ever an event that caused the grids to fail for an extended period of time.

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That’s pretty amazing technology but the implications are terrifying - I can see why Google is so interested in working with the Chinese.

How are these people not revolting at this level of spying? I don’t get how anyone could find this acceptable. I get that it could really be a strong deterrent with crime but this is a crazy level of surveillance.

They have been indoctrinated for generations. They don’t know any different. That’s why true commies move slowly and start with the schools. We are seeing it here now.

I suspect that many of them are aware that millions upon millions of their own people have been murdered for disagreeing with the rulers. When the country has billions of people, what loss is it to the leaders if millions of resisters disappear?