If we can no longer have fair elections and do business, should we just leave the union?

I’m in Boston and would hate to leave, but if I can’t do business because I’m white, why not leave. Maybe come back and pick up after they kill each other.

I wouldn’t mind heading down south. Live rest of my life in freedom.

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Ya come down south one of my houses are down here we really like where we live
I’ve got many golf courses within 15 min and fishing all over the place…and sport shooting
clubs that are fabulous …I live on one of the courses about 8 months a year but outside our gated community there’s shit holes all over the other areas thank god for our own police force here…there’s trailer parks like where you live in everywhere… so you’ll be at home…

Many perks down here I can hire retrumpliCONS for cash to do all my shit work
they only work 3 days a week and live off the government handouts I pretend I
like them…they’re really stupid fukers… the good Dems I know I give good
wages to…to do things around the property…I’d tell you where to come but I really
don’t like you and I don’t want you to know where I live…

Better to just let the conspiracy deranged supporters of Trump who hate America and it’s democratic institutions to leave if they wish…

3 thousand sworn affidavits are conspiracy theories!? Huh

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Posting responses to yourself?

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Stop responding to this retard. We need to start putting this moron on ignore!

To answer your question yes, states need to start seceding from the Union. Individual freedoms need to be protected and lauded before it’s too late.

You can’t leave the USA without the consent of 2/3 of the states.

It doesn’t matter! When elections are arbitrary then it comes down to states rights to protect its citizens from the totalitarian left that is currently violating constitutional imperatives. To many the USA is no longer! Burn it all down is the only way forward!

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And you need real ballots to win elections

I know! What a joke that some would still cling to the idea of free and fair elections after what we just witnessed. If the Democrats are so confident that they won fair and square then why are they so hellbent on invoking the 25th amendment and impeaching the president on false grounds for a second time? I swear you can’t make this shit up! The Democrats are literally that stupid!

It’s not about elections. It’s about what the officials do. You can vote whoever you want in but what they do is up to them. Look at supreme court judges.

Why you are fighting for a man who lied to the american people saying he would improve healthcare (we got useless Trumpcare), lower drug prices, have Mexico pay for a border wall and revamp infrastructure when he had a republican majority is beyond me. Clearly these issues were above his paygrade and he was just pretending to care about them.

Right! About Officials! (Eye roll)

Do you even listen to yourself speak to know how stupid you sound? You just love your authoritarianism that free and free elections don’t matter anymore. What a load of crap! You can’t be American because that is some straight up cuckery in its definition.

Real ballots don’t matter? Is this a troll account?

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There will be NO secessions…:wink:

Kyle rittenhouse …

Trump and MAGA will be much more dangerous to your utopian wet dreams on the outside than they ever were on the inside.

You can make book on that.


Remember when Trump was running and he had a rally! Wow the excitement… can’t wait