Idaho Mom Arrested for Letting Her Kids Play in Park

This has gone too far. Local governments wonder why the population is getting restless and protesting in certain states? Holy schism! This is not good!

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Land of the free…

  • Group of parents, including Brady and her children, staged a peaceful protest on the playground after taking down warning signs and caution tape
  • Police say Brady was repeatedly asked to leave the area but refused to comply
  • She was handcuffed and led away in front of her children after challenging an officer to arrest her
  • Brady was later released from jail and joined 100 people protesting stay-at-home order outside Meridian City Hall

This should not have happened in the first place; however, she did not do herself any favors with her behavior.

How many other protestors were arrested? None.

This was funny though. The key word “subversive” :rofl: