ICE Violates California Sanctuary Law and Arrests Two Illegals at Court House

Gotta love stuff like this when it happens! What is California Gov Gavin Newsom going to do about? The guy is a total Neo-con pussy and ain’t going to do jack. Why? Trump is closing in on him and many others for the public pension fund scheme recently uncovered that is funding the Chinese military! That is another story for another time, but for now its stories like these that make that sip on some choice hops extra tasty!

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Well, you know that has to have put the liberals in meltdown mode :rofl:

Too bad, too sad. Federal law trumps State law.

Pretty hard core to to it in a courthouse, though. Talk about sending a message!

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Gavin Newsom a neo-con? That’s a little incorrect. Newsom is a pure San Francisco liberal flake.

The caterwaulers called it lawless! Now that’s perfect irony.

I thought literal translation of “Neocon” is a new con or a new fake? No?

Someone in California should know the Federal Law TRUMPS (no pun intended) state law.


I’m glad to see this finally happening. I’ve thought for a long time that this issue should come to a head because the log jam needs to get cleared. if I were a gambling man I would bet that California is considering some type of law enforcement action against these ICE agents, which is unfortunate but will force the issue to be resolved once and for all. California does not dictate or control federal immigration law and that’s final. ICE has jurisdiction and the sanctuary cities and states have long been trying to assert their own jurisdiction over a federal issue that is plainly written into the Constitution.


People who break the law SHOULD fear law enforcement.

When they do NOT fear law enforcement, or consequences for their actions, law abiding citizens should be fearful.


The title of this thread assumes tha ICE broke a law in processing an enforcement action. That’s impossible since the only federal agency able to conduct deportations is ICE. No laws were broken.

This is all about Democrats and their obsession with control. Democrats don’t care about faithful tax paying citizens. They can’t control them like they can people who break the law without any consequences…so they rush to defend law breakers at the expense of citizens. The American people are fed up and aren’t going to take this crap anymore and I hope the Trump administration ramps this up everywhere.

Yes, it is final. Now. Let’s see the reality of that sink in. I can’t wait for the butthurt and sputtering to begin :joy:

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Its about time this happens and should be in all 50 states. Deport their ass and I’ll help pay the gas.

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My understanding of the term dates to the late 1970’s, when former liberals jumped parties because of softness on foreign policy of the Democrats.

I don’t think the term is reserved for people jumping political parties. It can also mean peoples duplicity of where their loyalties reside. Also terms like Neo-Con suggesting the modern sophistication of a con man to fool masses of people within the public arena is more aptly applied in a general sense. Your initial assertion could be correct however I argue the term has evolved over time to include a wider definition, but it is commonly understood and derived from the term “neoconservative” that in which wouldn’t apply to Newsom.

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I do love it. Next they need to start arresting and prosecuting prosecutors, atty’s and anyone else shielding illegals from arrest and deportation.

If I remember right a couple of the more egregious cases involving judges are being pursued.

Mostly it seems to be applied to anyone that is not a promoting pacifism and a completely non interventionist FP along with closing most of our bases and pulling all of our troops back from overseas.

Neocon seems to be so loosely defined these days as to make it meaningless.

Mostly it’s about them trying to create a majority by creating a permanent Hispanic underclass totally reliant on gov’t.

Yeah, I know, sometimes I get persnickety about using terms outside of what they originally meant. I bugs me when people say “it begs the question…”

I also want to correct flight attendants when they tell us to deplane. There’s no such word outside of Fantasy Island!

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