Ice Boy is in Love With Trump

(CNN)President Donald Trump’s name will appear on checks sent to millions of Americans to combat the economic effects of the coronavirus in a last-minute Treasury Department order, a senior administration official confirmed to CNN on Tuesday.

Two senior Treasury officials told The Washington Post, which first reported the decision, that the move will probably set back the delivery date on the first set of paper checks – potentially slowing a process that could already take up to 20 weeks. The administration official, however, insisted to CNN that the move will not result in a delay.

Citing senior agency officials, the Post reported that the words “President Donald J. Trump” would appear in the memo line on the left side of the checks – marking the first time a president’s written name is featured on an IRS check…

Trump had confidentially asked Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin if he could officially sign the checks, three administration officials told the Post.

What an asshole.

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Is this all you liberals have to complain about? Who gives a fuck if he wants his name on the check? He puts his name on everything. Big deal.


Is he putting his name on the complete fuckup he’s made of testing?

Apparently it paid off for Trump. Black vote on lock.

Do the words “relevant sample size” mean anything to you?

Given how readily Deplorables hung the deficits resulting from Supply Side Idiocy on Obama, I guess we won’t be hearing about them again for a century.

Do the words “losing the 2020 election because your side chose a senile pervert” mean anything to you?


His opponent is being accused by 25 women, and describes the little village in Germany where his Brooklyn born father was born.

This coming from a hypocritical user that puts credence in the words of “2 anonymous sources” as presented by a fake news media outlet… :rofl:

Who is your source for the “fake news” thing?

The fake mogul?

You must really be brain dead to not realize that CNN is near the top of the list of purveyors of fake news.

Do you need 3 more links? :rofl:

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Can you find any CREDIBLE sites?

Sorry, I can’t find anything that would satisfy your one track mind, Little Cowboy. There’s no link to a CNN article that supports this.

You seem to link to CNN quite often, as if it’s the only news outlet you trust.

Go fuck a snake.

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I use CNN for reasons stated previously…

I do not rely on CNN opinion as a substitute for fact.

For example, on the matter of the deficit, which of the following sources is fake



Some bit twiddler from Colorado.


No. You rely on CNN lies as a substitute for facts.

Another Assertion entirely bereft of currency?

How unlike you…

My God, Little Cowboy! Your idiocy is beyond belief. I do understand that liberalism is a mental disorder, but have not, until you came here, been exposed to the degree to which a brain dead liberal will defend things that even a frontal lobotomy survivor would understand to be ridiculously untrue.

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You’re a lesser order man…live with it.

Well, I guess that astoundingly witless reply indicates you’re a winner here! :rofl:

Go fuck a snake!

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Pissing contests are not advised for those who must squat to pee.