I only heard 1 minute of the video

I don’t know who this is. Probably a well-known academic. I just heard one minute and yet I have a problem with each sentence.

Yes, the currently situation is a tragedy. but not a total disaster.

Russia has conducted effective “surgical strikes” against the Ukrainian military by first destroying its air force.

Crimea didn’t belong to Ukraine in the first place.
People of Donbass (Peoples of Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk) themselves decided to go split-sky from Kiev, after having seen what the junta in Kiev was doing early 2014.

Ukraine is a mess since 2014, courtesy of the CIA and the ilk of Fuck the EU Victoria Nuland.

Ukraine can rebuilt itself, only if it can shake off the burden and yoke of being a slave to the Deep State.

Combats continue because the Ukrainian units are hiding among the civilians, in order to avoid massive Russian air raids.

Even the issue of humanitarian corridors can’t be agreed on, because Ukraine wants to let its war criminals escape pretending to be civilians.

Tell me (if anyone watches it) if the video was worth your time.

John Mearsheimer has been spot on regarding Ukraine, Russia and the US for years now, but most people here won’t respect him as the scholar that he is, as a member of the ebil Council on Foreign Relations….

Do you know why bidens and other democrats have been using Ukraine to launder money for the past 20 years?
Why did Ukraine give bidens millions?

An asshole all his life . What do you expect from a Chicago asswipe like YOU ? He is anti-USA like YOU . So F the both of you . :clown_face:

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Ukraine is the traditional home of Khazarians. I’m sure you heard the term Khazarian mafia.
Today’s Ukraine is mostly Slavic, but before the Slavs came, there were Khazars from east Asia, who converted to Pharisee Judaism in 9th century.

I think the Bidens are (crypto) Joos

So they are parasites?

How else would you describe them?
Same for the Clintons.
Obama had a Jooish (communist) mother.

And George Bush?
George W. Bush, Zionist Double Agent, American Traitor (texemarrs.com)

Lol, and Geronimo has an end game….:joy::joy::joy:

The end game is etched in (Georgia Guide) stones.

Removal of 95% of humanity, except a few million obedient east Asians, according to Klaus Schwab who is Jooish (his mother is a Rothschild)

Yep, for years you’ve been claiming the demise of 95% of humanity……:joy::joy::joy::joy:

I’m betting you’re in the 5%……:thinking:

You got that right. It all depends who your boss is.

Yep. It was always a given that you were party to the demise of the 95%

The one person here that’s been on to your bullshit since day one, having backed up your bullshit videos repeatedly causing you to claim you were just joking every time I’ve busted your chops……:roll_eyes:


Did you actually read the thread or research the facts? I am guessing that is a big fat NO!

Judging from the fact that your regular sources that you get your information that you are known to cite are CNN, MSNBC and legacy media is not surprising you would continue to bathe in your steeped ignorance as always. Another reason why no one here either takes you serious or simply do not have respect for you, as you are the well known in house clown here. Once again proving who the biggest moron here is! Thanks Montecrusty! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Lick some more balls why don’t you! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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