I’m Sick of These Whiny 😫 Cry Babies

How about this?


What about all of these rap songs that denigrate women and glorify violence? These radio stations have no problem playing any of that trash.


okay , you owe me a new monitor , i just spit my coffee on it

Im just imagining all the hit 60’s songs being rewritten to include transgendered

Hey, Mark Steyn!

I feel insulted! I’ve been a drunken undergrad at 3 in the morning & never uttered any of that nonsense.

‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ was Dean Martin? Song must have worked for him. He was married at least once & had something like 8 kids.

The late actor Kiel Mueller, who played J D LaRue in “Hill Street Blues”, married his daughter, Claudia, & took his FIL stage name, Martin, for himself.

Now looking for second job to pay for Max Webster’s monitor.

I can almost guarantee that every screeching feminazi offended by “Baby It’s Cold Outside” also owns a copy of “50 Shades of Grey”


If I don’t like something I avoid it and pay no attention to it. I don’t whine and cry about it and ban it. It’s pathetic.

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A tittat? :slight_smile:

Start a go fund me page on Facebook … you will probably get enough to buy us all new monitors. :wink:

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“I’m Dreaming of a WHITE Christmas!”


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Steyn grows on me a little more every time I see or hear him.

I wonder when the left will want to ban the saying " dreaming of a white christmas"



sigh I’m just…I guess I’m just so used to it now it really doesn’t surprise me. People have the right to be offended, but they can’t make others walk on eggshells because of them. They can’t ban everything that offends them. And I agree- deport them. Put them on some little island where they can legislate morality until the cows come home, but don’t involve others in their little cry fest. And I thought I was sensitive…I probably am, but these people, man, it’s like you can’t do anything without setting them off. At least I have learned other ways of solving problems (I’ll just leave, for example, or wait until the song is over) than demanding a popular song be removed from the radio because it isn’t approved by my OCD, hypersensitive trigger switch, or using it to ruin other people’s day.

These people are high maintenance. Actually they are less like people, and more like delicate orchids that need constant attention, and are hypersensitive.

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What we don’t have is a right to demand gov’t shield us from being offended. The very nature of freedom and liberty is that people do get to do and say things you find offensive.



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The lefties will never be satisfied until all of us are just as angry and miserable as they are.