I have no words for this

School dance shows we’ve reached peak insanity and are doomed forever.

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I can top that:

So let me get this straight. There are about 80 million kids from 0 to 17 in this country. There are 34 deaths from 0-4 and 60 from 5-17 according to the data listed in the CDC. That’s 94 deaths out of 80,000,000 and these fuck sticks want them to wear masks and not face each other? What the ever living FUCK has happened to my country? Christ, there was a time when we weren’t scared to death of everything under the sun. The positive part is my kids were taught no fear so they’ll DOMINATE the weak and pathetic in society.

How the hell do you make a douche out of tampons? Guess that answers that question. :smiley:

I’m sorry, I don’t hold any reverence for RBG, she was a leftist and handed down some VERY bad opinions from the SC.

Let’s even go further:

94.9% of the deaths have occurred in the age groups from 50 and up.
They represent under 30% of the population.
Go a step further.
From 65 and up, they represent 79.4% of the total deaths.
They represent about 18% of the population.

Adding to that, the fact that 94% of the deaths have other factors, how about we keep old sick people at home and stop losing our fucking minds over the Flu?

Last one:
64.6% of the cases of Covid are in people aged 0 to 64. That same demographic represents Just under 5.2% of the total deaths.
From 50-64, they represent 20.6% of the cases and 15.5% of the deaths.
From 65 and up, they represent just 14.9% of the cases, yet they represent 79.4% of the deaths.