I don’t mean to be offensive, but what did hitler do wrong?

Ww1 ended.
But France and Poland continue to slaughter Germans.

Hitler sends a message STOP!

Bloody Monday happens

Hitler responds.

■■■■■■ ppl hated nationalist Germans, over charged them for goods.
Hitler made Germany socialist and boycotted the ■■■■■■ .

They become treasonous.

The war starts ■■■■■■ become prisoners of war, many get sick, allies stop the medical supplies from getting there.
Result ■■■■■■ die and had to be exterminated to stop passing on the virus.

Why did America get involved? I’m confused. They should have let them have their war.

Where am I wrong?

WWII is a continuation of WWI.
WWI was an excuse to make Russia a communist hellhole.
After WWII ended, millions of Germans were starved to death.

Now we are at the stages of WWIII and WWIV.

This won’t end until all Christian nations are subjugated.
The battleground is the American soil, whether you like it or not.

So what do we do?.. who’s the enemy?

Only a few members here know who’s the real enemy.
And it ain’t the Chinese.

Learn from history.

There aren’t many pies this crew haven’t had their fingers in.

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So they are the root of all our issues

They were estimated to own 1/3 of the world’s wealth at the turn of the century.
Turn of the 20th century. And now?
With every war, the got richer and richer. The more atrocious the war, the better.


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Amongst a few others. If you read around the loan agreements and who benefited from them.

What a deal when both sides owe you money !!

The Rothschilds strategy is to finance both warring parties.
They did that during the Civil War in America.
They financed Russia, and Japan through Jacob Schiff in America during the Russian / Japanese war in 1904-5.

Same story in WWI and II.
And yet, by their sleight of hand, they can influence the outcome of the war.

Tv shapes our culture (if you watch) and everything on tv is either ■■■■■■■ black or created by a ■■■■ weird they have this much control

Mainstream media is much more powerful than people think.
The report directly to the powers that be.

The “governments” are only the middle management below the mainstream.