I Didn't Watch The Inauguration

Yesterday Joe Biden was inaugurated President. But I didn’t watch the inauguration. I’m not a Joe Biden supporter. He didn’t win because of me. I voted against him in both the primary and the election. I voted for Mike Bloomberg in the primary and Donald Trump in the election.

I hope that Biden will be a one term President. I do not like Joe Biden. If this offends some readers, I apologize. But I have to be honest. I’m not a Joe Biden supporter.

Like anyone cares who you voted for or anything about you…

White Trash Joey Bidet will not EVEN be a one term Fake President, The Politburo who are running the show will have him REMOVED within MONTHS and if White Trash Jill Bidet starts talking back to them about this THEN The Politburo will just have White Trash Joey Bidet murdered, it’ll be “oh he fell down the stairs and hit his head” or “oh he had a heart-attack”

THIS is how they have ALWAYS REMOVED Fake Leaders in ALL Totalitarian Regimes and THIS is how White Trash Joey Bidet will be REMOVED in THIS Amerikka Totalitarian Regime.

Then Kameltoe will be allowed to take over, but she’ll be told by The Politburo that while THEY RUN THINGS she can JUST appear at Press Conferences as a Fake Figurehead and the rest of the time to STFU and get working in the Brothel in the basement they have set up for Kameltoe The Former Hooker because a TON of RINOs like Mittens Romney and Turtle Neck McConnell are down there DEMANDING to be HUMILIATED by being anally raped with a 12 inch dildo or whatever their Sexual Perversion is that The International Globalists have on tape that OBVIOUSLY they are Blackmailing these Beta Cucks with to be such TRAITORS and sell America down the fucking river.

Absolutely none of the wild claims of the fringe right have come true.

It’s time to take off the tinfoil hat and come back to reality…

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In case you haven’t noticed we DON’T live in reality anymore. Everything is now fake and based PURELY on Propaganda as directed by the Fascist Regime that was installed yesterday.


Joe shows signs of dementia, I suspect he will not make it a year.

I didn’t watch the inauguration either, it gives me the creeps to watch someone who is going to hell.

Why would it offend anyone? Were all entitled to our opinions.

Time will tell, but that’s a lot different than what Looney toons was saying

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It may only take one KAMALA BJ to put Joe Dementia in the grave.

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Why don’t you just go play in traffic and do the world a favour and do what losers like you do!

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Very enlightening, thank you

Go take a look, this loser just attacks everyone. Time to put on ignore!

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Too many D names, thought that was for me.

Nope! This is the first time I saw a post from you.

Or who knows a BJ from White Trash Pete Buttplug, White Trash Joe Bidet and White Trash Pete Buttplug became close after The Semen Eater endorsed the Creepy Perv.

So who know’s maybe a BJ from Pete Buttplug or one from Sloppy Seconds is the means to which they’ll off White Trash Joe Bidet so Sloppy Seconds can sit in The Big Chair and be Fake President.

Remember when Sleepy Joe ATTACKED Pete Buttplug for having NO experience? Now The Politburo have decided that Pete Buttplug is EXPERIENCED enough to run the ENTIRE Transportation System.

Remember when Sleepy Joe attacked Pete Buttplug for having NO experience and Pete Buttplug fired back with a ton of Tweets like the ones below ILLUSTRATING he is MORE experienced than Sleepy Joe because he’s Homo:





I wonder who has spent more time on their kness, Butt Plug or Sloppy Seconds.


There’s nothing offensive about that whatsoever. That’s what all Americans do…:man_shrugging:

Wow a genius post you’re real smart huh…it’s entered your brain…there’s
nothing left for you other than you could stop the pain…just go blow your
brains out huh…that will be tuff cuz finding that tiny little pea brain will
be tuff. so use a 12 ga. shotgun with bird shot that works cuz you have a bird brain…huh


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