I Didn't Give You Permission to Record Me

Another unhinged pro-abortion wacko attacks a pro-life protester.

Funny, I’m pretty sure you didn’t have permission to batter them, did you?

To steal a term from Samantha Bee

“Feckless ****”


I’m sorry, there is just so much wrong with a person dressing like this and showing themselves in public. :rofl:

Now, back on topic…

I hope she is arrested for assault, has to post bail, the whole nine yards. If loons like this are held accountable for their behavior perhaps loons on the fringe will find some self control and keep driving and mind their own business.

And I say that no matter who is the protestor or the protestee.

People need to learn that even if you disagree with a stance, people still have the right to protest peacefully.

Based on her picture, I think she is the model for those inflatable love dolls.


Erp… I wasn’t going to go there but I honestly thought the same thing :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Personally, she was just doing what every leftist have been doing. Any stupid woman would do - wanted to be noticed. She apparently wanted to “get on the action”. So, if everyone is doing is - it’s obviously alright for her - according to her.

She could have simply ignore the entire thing. But she had to make something of it.

This is why we need to start hitting people again.

Someone needs to point out to these entitled twits that they have zero expectation of privacy in public.

You have a protected First Amendment right to photograph, video, or audio record anyone in public.

It seems we’ve raised a whole generation of hyper emotional idiots.


Anyone who ventures into the public risks being recorded in audio, video or both…not only from business and police security cameras, but from any one of the thousands of smart phones being carried by those around them.

Yet there are hundreds of documented situations where police officers have objected fo being recorded.

Thankfully it seems the law enforcement is accepting the fact that as long as you are not impeding the officer their actions in public are as open to recording as anyone elses.

This is the problem with leftists they a hypocritical and violent bunch.

Lord knows if a MAGA support took a shot at a lettist at a rally the left would demand charges, then they would doxxed them and smear them over social media.

I will say this one day a leftist is going to take a swipe at the wrong right winger who happens to be a law enforcement, or special forces in the military and that leftist will pay the price for their violent act

I cannot wait for that day.

The SCOTUS didn’t settle the matter until I think 2016-2017 but now that it is settled they have no choice but to accept it. Those who don’t or won’t will find themselves and their departments on the losing end of big settlements.

I don’t thing they make inflatables that ugly or large.

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