Hypothetical wargame with China, which doesn't make sense

I didn’t watch the original TV show but the whole thing doesn’t make sense. Why on earth would China risk a war with the US which will inevitably drag its vassal states into the war?

Are Australians that dumb to join the blockade of Taiwan?
(They did send troops to Vietnam and Afghanistan, but their government had different narratives.)

I think he is a Russian who currently resides in Florida and sometimes I have a hard time understanding his sense of humor (or lack thereof). I like his videos on the Ukraine war, and maybe by extension his military logic is right.

One thing is for certain. The US mainstream media is trying its worst to desensitize the American public to a new, senseless war.

The funny part about the invade Taiwan narrative, is that China doesn’t even need to invade militarily. They can wait it out like they did every other territorial dispute without firing a shot.

Taiwan, Japan and South Korea are so deeply implicated in the trade and all kinds of business with China and it will be a hard sell to justify any war with China.

The way I see it is its now China’s turn to be the next hegemonic power. Its a cyclic turning, and tomorrow it will be someone else.

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History repeats itself is true as the circles go around to the point of becoming predictable.

It has been that way ever since great empires emerged in China, Mesopotamia, Egypt… usually associated with a big river in its midst.

At the same time, Stone Age continued in Australia until Captain James Cook “discovered” it. It was an egalitarian society where men were men and women were women.

When some power crazed ruler threatens another country to bomb it to stone age, maybe it’s a good thing. LOL

Probably Stone Age is not be a bad thing, considering it lasted tens of thousands of years, or maybe hundreds of thousands of years without the need for a monotheistic religion.

What do we have today in “advanced” civilizations?
Fancy sports cars and missiles that fly several times faster than the sound, not to mention fantastic nuke bombs.

Who needs advanced technology?

On the other hand, there’s a country like Iceland which had peace for hundreds of years, where people read books at home and visited theaters.

More talk on China and less talk on Ukraine.
There’s a reason for that.

Now it’s difficult to discuss Ukraine without mentioning Taiwan/China and vice verse.

Why is it so?

The Neocons are desperate to find a new conflict to divert attention from Ukraine.

As if the US could do anything. Half way around the world is weeks to send massive war supplies.

Poles are waking up to reality.
Zelensky is not acting alone: (Jooish) oligarchs control him.

How much can the China/Taiwan alternative divert the American attention from this mess in Europe?

I was reading in the news that they are building 4 new bases in the Philippines.

Makes no difference as you cannot stock enough supplies for a war with China.

The US and Taiwan would likely be able to fend off a Chinese invasion, but it would come with heavy losses on both sides, a think tank analysis says.

This week China conducted three days of military drills around Taiwan shortly after Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, traveled to the US to meeting US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

The drills involved practising encirclement of the island, with Beijing considers its own, and simulating direct strikes on Taiwan from the sea, air and China’s mainland, in what some analysts described as an escalation of drills conducted in August.

The Washington-based think tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, conducted war games last year to imagine how such a conflict would play out.

“The good news is that at the end of all the iterations so far, there is an autonomous Taiwan,” Mark Cancian, a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told Insider.

“The United States and Taiwan are generally successful in keeping the island out of Chinese occupation, but the price of that is very high – losses of hundreds of aircraft, aircraft carriers, and terrible devastation to the Taiwanese economy and also to the Chinese navy and air force.”

In one of the more pessimistic scenarios, 900 American fighter and attack aircraft would be lost in four weeks, equivalent to half of the US Air Force and Navy’s combat planes, according to The Times of London.

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Could play in perpetuity as Orwell suggested.

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The neocons can build hundreds of new US bases around China, but once the people of Taiwan vote to join mainland China, all these bases will be a waste of money. (Boon for the military industrial complex, and local ladies who work in bars.)

The US maintains large Air Force and Marine Corps bases on Okinawa, just a stone’s throw away from Taiwan, but no Navy Base. I always wondered about that, but I figure big war ships are things of the past, impossible to defend, even before the age of sophisticated missiles.

History repeats itself — well, sort of, unless the people wake up and stop trusting blindly the dirty politicians.