Hunter's jury pool

Of the jury pool, many knew the Bidens in some way. It was like six degrees of separation: Delaware edition.

One potential juror said he used to play squash with Beau Biden, Hunter’s late brother, and competed in at least one tournament together. But because he knew the Biden family “fairly well” and felt he couldn’t be impartial, that juror was dismissed. The squash player also said his children played baseball with Beau’s kids.

Another prospective juror worked at the same school as Jill Biden and met her husband. However, he was allowed to remain.

One woman was a bartender at the Two Stones Pub in Kinnett Square where she “on and off” served Hunter’s uncle John T. Owens, the brother-in-law of President Joe Biden. She was permitted to stay in the pool until the peremptory striking period.

Another woman said she is an acquaintance of Hallie Biden, Beau Biden’s widow with whom Hunter had an affair, and knew Beau personally. “Beau was a friend of the family. We miss him,” she said. She also said that her husband “socializes” with the Bidens and that both belong to the same social clubs. She was stricken for cause.

The parties settled on an even six women and six men to make up the jury, the majority of whom are black.
NAACP Delaware’s leader, Richard Smith, was also in attendance and embraced Hunter as he exited the courtroom. “I told him we support him and I told him the black community is with him,”

No One Is Above the Law…Unless You’re a Democrat !!!

You can’t say Democrats don’t have a sense of humor. Actually, it’s a little bit different – they’re a joke. While you can’t help but laugh at them, the biggest problem is the joke is on all of us.
Democrats have a revolving repertoire of material they default to – they’re pro-choice (but only on abortion, nothing else), they love the country, yet can’t find anything nice to say about it ever, etc. That they’re able to deliver their lines with a straight face, or sleep at night after doing what they do, is a testament to the power of sociopathy.

In their adventures in sociopathy, Democrats are in the midst of the “No one is above the law” bumper sticker phase of distorting reality. The party of Clinton (take your pick, it doesn’t matter which one), the party of Biden (again, doesn’t really matter which one), Al Sharpton (body count, anyone?) lecturing anyone about the importance of consequences is deliciously ironic. Tell me again, people with Ted Kennedy tattoos, about the importance of consequences and how people are equal in the eyes of the law.

These are people sitting on soundstages, insisting that the “jury’s decision must be respected,” because “no one is above the law.” The appeals process is for suckers…and Democrats, only.

Something is starting to smell really bad! If hunter is convicted, Biden will just pardon him and by that he will poison the well for future presidents who will use the pardon privilege.

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This piece of shit will get 30 days in some plush drug rehab facility for the rich and famous . And the GOP will say it was justice . :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Remember Biden "Oh, he tried moment? He went on national television to (wildly inappropriately) to declare his desired outcome & aides leaked his fury at his AG for not pursuing his various legal goals to his liking.
His son was one pesky judge’s question away from securing an outrageous, zero accountability sweetheart deal, even after the IRS whistleblowers came forward to demonstrate how the “investigation” seemed designed to let Hunter off the hook. Pro-defendant prosecutors (the defendant is their boss’ son) got caught red-handed at the last moment & the deal imploded. And POTUS has recently been laying the predicate for a pardon (almost certainly post-election).

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Any bets on a GUILTY VERDICT here?

He will be found guilty BUT serve NO jail time . He will have to go to a drug rehab which will be better than most 5 star hotels .

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Kinda makes the trial USELESS.

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It’s nothing more than a dog and pony show . Hunter will NOT see the inside of ANY prison !!!

odds makers say

Hunter Biden faces the following odds for these other potential outcomes:

  • Probation—6/1 (14.3 percent)
  • Community service—14/1 (6.7 percent)
  • Custodial sentence—20/1 (4.8 percent)
  • House arrest—33/1 (2.9 percent)

He will be pardoned by his scumbag daddy. What a shit show!

It like watching a re-run over and over again and we ALL know the ending !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Could be plenty of " Rocks " in the jury pool.

Really little need for a “jury” when no one will ever be judged .

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Hunter Biden Found Guilty Of Illegally Owning A Gun

The president’s son now faces prison in a case that strongly suggests Biden hasn’t “weaponized” the Justice Department against his enemies

So is Hunter now the sacrificial lamb? The left is having a meltdown now.


The very worst that will happen to that parmesan cheese sniffing moron is 30 days in a federal drug treatment center catering to the rich and famous .

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