Hunter Biden's laptop and shithole country called Ukraine

Will this be the death knell for Biden presidency?
I don’t think so.
D Party knows Biden is a loser. They want Harris presidency.

This explosive article was already mentioned in the Biden thread, but there’s no comment.

We are not mainstream mouthpieces, therefore we want analyses of the situation.

More ramification

If you are running a shithole state in a dark corner of Europe, why not meet the son of the US Vice President for business deals?

You can pocket large sums of money yourself.

All this proves the Deep State involvement in the Ukrainian coup in 2013-2014. Maidan, Kiev

By the way, “Kiev” means trading post in the Khazarian language. Yes, Khazars have never forgotten their second homeland, which is today Ukraine, although their original homeland is the grassland in north-eastern China, from which their ancestors were driven away by the Chinese.

A recent visitor to Manchuria, which is China’s North-East, reported the region is full of ■■■■■■ businessmen. She did say that there is a secret plan to build a new ■■■■■■ state there. (The Japanese tried to help during WWII, also known as the Fugu Plan)

This is Plan B for Israel, because the State of Israel in Palestine can go belly up soon, as Henry Kissinger predicted.

How is this a conspiracy?

Its conspiracy because you went scitzo on the other stuff you posted such as the Japanese ■■■■■ Did you forget to take your meds today? You can’t even stay on topic in your own thread!

You really need help.
Go see a shrink.
I recommend a ■■■■■■ shrink for you.

Check your messages home boy get back to me thier

Why did Hunter Biden marry a ■■■■■■ woman, Melissa Cohen?
Because the Bidens are crypto-■■■■ .
Like Poroshenko.
Like attracts like.

Then Maidan coup run by Zionists successfully turned Ukraine into a ■■■■■■ state.

Says the one who can never put together a coherent post. Yeah oh! :rofl: :rofl:

How the hell can someone turn corrupt ass Hunter into a “I hate ■■■■■ thread? :smiley:

Still reminds me of this guy:


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Hmmm, the Times of Israel must be awfully antisemitic.

Thanks for honouring me and my people!

A reporter asked him if he believed the FBI was conducting a a “coverup” over the laptop and the subpoena, and he seemed to respond in the affirmative. Yeah that’s how I feel about it kind of. Well s. No comment–It’s too late.*** ”

Any old time.
I always honor honest people.

Digipoo the hasidic4

It’s more like:

“I made Ukraine a shithole.”
Whatever they touch, turns into a shithole.
Or sink hole (for tax dollars)?

Arrest Zuckerberg and other criminals.

Newly Released Emails Show How Hunter Biden Worked to Cash in Big on China WITH MONEY HELD FOR HIS DAD, JOE BIDEN!



For being a notorious drug and crack addict Hunter Biden has done quite well for himself.

In 2013 Hunter Biden joined his father and Vice President Joe Biden on an official government trip to China. It was during this stay in China that Hunter — inexperienced and out of place — was able to secure a $1.5 billion from China for private equity fund which he was forming at the time.

In 2015 Hunter’s Bohai Harvest joined forces with the Chinese military contractor; Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), to buy American parts manufacturer; Henniges Automotive.

AVIC has been identified as a front for China’s military.
AVIC is notorious for stealing US military technology to build China’s own fighter jets and drones.

Hunter Biden is all smiles in China

It’s not clear how many deals Hunter Biden secured for his family with the Chinese Communist regime.

Today the New York Post released more emails from Hunter Biden’s computer that reveal Hunter attempted to secure big cash from China for him AND HIS DAD!

My comment:
Need to connect dots.
The Bidens, Ukraine, and China. They make up the Deep State.

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Question is, how come somebody with such a dark history gets so careless with his laptop?

Is brain fried with cocaine?

Jim Stone says
Biden and the Democrats had the Wuhan lab create the virus (paid for with 2.7 million U.S. tax dollars by Fauci) for the sole purpose of de-railing Trump’s election with a totally scammed mail in vote scheme

according to the Chinese virologist.