Hungary pulled out from the Eurovision Song Contest ‘because it’s too gay’

I put the link in but don’t bother clicking that ad-infested clickbait. Your computer will get AIDS if you do.

Hungary has pulled out of next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, allegedly branding the annual event as a “homosexual flotilla”.

While no official statement has been released from leaders, rising anti-gay rhetoric in Hungary is the alleged reason the country is withdrawing.

A source inside the local public broadcaster MTVA told The Guardian that media heads believe the contest is “too gay”.

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Hungry is the only country left in Europe that still isn’t afraid to do the right thing. Poland comes in a close second place but they have their own internal struggles with leftists at the moment.

It is Satan on parade … thank the LORD that Hungary is not buying into the perversion of the human race…

Good news 2 decades late. When that Israeli ladyboy won it was over. How is Israel even considered European?

Good move. Eurovision has nothing to do with Europe and everything to do with who has a Rothschild central bank. How else do you explain the inclusion of Israel and Australia? Here’s hoping more Eastern European countries boycott this satanic anti-white, anti-family shitshow.

This all goes back to when Hungary was kicked out of a European cultural heritage contest for having too many white people and churches.


How can anyone possibly not realize that this whole multiculturalism thing is designed to genocide the White race and wipe our history from every book?

Hungary wanted to apply to some contest to become the European culture capital, and it was denied because they did not have enough Syrian refugees from Somalia. Hopefully it was then that they realized that they are the last true European country left, and they must defend it.

Hungary as a country is correct in its assessment that sodomites cannot be trusted and the Eurovision is most definitely promoting that lifestyle


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The guy pictured in the op looks very much like the guy in your avatar…:man_shrugging:

Well, more open bigotry. And what is it that they can’t be trusted for…

I don’t think the op is s race issue…:man_shrugging:

They can not be trusted around the sick or elderly people or people with learning difficulties or children they are most dangerous around children because they can normalise a homosexual life style around impressionable minds

Call me old fashioned, but I just can’t warm up to a penis being rammed into a loaded colon. I guess it’s the bigot in me. Ya just don’t use an exit as an entrance.

Well that can’t be substantiated :man_shrugging: