Hungary Foreign Minister silences Christiane Amanpour

we been down thei road before when it comes to liberal acolytes gaslighting leaders of nations like Hungary for their staunch stance on having strict immigration policies, so when we watch Christiane Amanpour trying to accuse Hungary of Ethnocentric immigration policies, Hungary’s foreign minster is able to make it look silly by citing international law. Hungary among a few other countries have been under constant pressure to accept the EU’s systematic social engineering strategy of importing African Migrants into the country, and continues to do so for one reason and one reason only. To dissolve “Whiteness” as much as possible.

Then ancestors of the Hungarians hailed from Asia, spoke an Asian language, but adopted Christianity. The Hungarians today are part of the Christian civilization.

This background probably allows them to realize more readily who the enemy of the Christian civilization is.

How is the Christian civilization defined? Through Armenianism, Calvinism, or by ethnicity? Did they speak Greek or Armenian before? Jesus didn’t speak Greek mind you.

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Oh yes, Greek was the language he spoke, and that’s why the “New Testament” was written in Greek. Jesus must have learned Hebrew as an intellectual, but spoke Aramaic which was the lingua franca in Palestine of his time.

There were many sects of Judaism two thousand years ago, and the sect Jesus belong to consisted of Hellenized upper class Joos. His concept of God the Creator is much closer to that of Socrates/Plato than that of Moses.

That is what I meant to say, not Armenian. Although Armenianism is what Methodist is today vs. Calvinism which believes in predetermination which I don’t prescribe to.